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It's Bomberman in Overwatch! Eliminate your enemies with strategic bomb placements, and find powerups to help you become the last hero alive!


  • Classic Bomberman gameplay.
  • Powerups.
  • Over 30 unique battle stages spread across different maps.
  • Battle stage vote with random ballot.
  • Stage hazards on some maps with fun gimmicks to change up the gameplay.
  • Play with bots! You can play an entire match against bots if no one joins, and if someone leaves mid-game, they will be replaced by a bot.
  • Sudden Death. When the match duration exceeds a set period of time, hard blocks will fall from the sky in a spiraling pattern, crushing anyone beneath them and limiting the play area, quickly forcing the game to set.
  • Match score! Winning or drawing a round grants you a point. The required score needed to win can be configured in Workshop Settings.


All soft blocks have a chance to contain a powerup. Collect as many as possible to increase your chances to win, and to deny them from your enemies!

Powerup descriptions
Type Description
Bomb powerup icon Bomb amount up
Allows you to place more simultaneous bombs.
Fire powerup icon Fire up
Increases the range of your bombs' blast.
Speed powerup icon Speed up
Increases your movement speed.
Heart powerup icon Heart
Survive one hit from explosions or stage hazards.
Bomb kick powerup icon Bomb kick
Allows you to kick bombs.
Power glove powerup icon Power glove
Allows you to pick up your bombs and throw them away.

Battle stages

Each map has a selection of battle stages you can choose from through the battle stage vote system. Press interact during the lobby phase to vote for your favorite stage!
If there are conflicting votes or no votes, the stage will be decided through a random ballot.

Maps and stages

Blizzard World

Image Description
Booty Bay New!
Battle on the bay! A tall standard stage with a funky layout.
Reign of the Black King New!
Many bad spirits hang about here! Don't let them influence your fate!
Storage Room New!
A generic storage room where things can be repaired and such. For some reason, there are conveyor belts going across the stage! The gryphon is out of commission and won't bite.
Surveillance Room New!
Keeping track of everything happening in the park is a tough job. Watch out for those switches!

Ecopoint: Antarctica

Image Description
Freezing Winds
Watch out for the cold wind generator! Get hit by the freezing wind, and you will be frozen solid for a few seconds.
A standard stage located at the helicopter spot.
Slippery Ice
This stage has ice. Once you start slipping, you can't stop or change direction. Slip carefully!

Horizon Lunar Colony

Image Description
Airlock New!
A stage inside one of the airlocks. Watch out for those rows of shifting hard blocks!
Go Bananas New!
Did you know there are bananas on the moon? Anyway, this is a standard stage with... no soft blocks?! But instead, a lot of powerups, for anyone to grab! You better get them, before your enemies do!
Hydroponic Tank New!
A wide standard stage on top of a hydroponic tank.
Space Suits New!
Going for a space walk? Don't forget your space suit!
Training Facility New!
A treadmill going around in the center, and portals? Crazy.

Ilios Ruins

Image Description
Labyrinth New!
You have been thrown into the Labyrinth! Few, if any, escapes this elaborate, confusing structure alive. You must find your way through the maze, and... Is that the Minotaur?!
Maze New!
A standard stage with a maze-like layout.
Meander New!
A standard stage with a meander-like pattern as its layout.
Mosaic New!
A standard stage where you can appreciate some mosaic art while you eliminate each other.
No Shade New!
Greece is hot. To avoid heat stroke, you need to find a way to cool off. Oh look, water!


Image Description
Cat Café
A stage located in Kanezaka's Cat Café! Take a shortcut with the portals to get around the apparently massive table.
Kitsune Rush
A standard stage outside the Tetsuzan shrine.
Mall Split
This stage is divided into two sections. The only way to get to the other side is through the portals.
Pachimari FunFun!
A stage in the cheerful Pachimari FunFun!™ arcade! No time for crane games now though! Travel through whimsical portals, connected in a daisy-chain, to surprise your enemies (and perhaps yourself).
Tora no Sumika
Hashimoto clan's hangout. Evil forces reside here. Watch out, or you will get sucked through the floor!

Temple of Anubis

Image Description
Bridge Battle
A standard stage on the small bridge near Point A.
Dunes of Death
It's hot in the desert. On this stage, you must cool yourself off in the oases once in a while, or you will die from dehydration!
Spirits of Anubis
Ancient spirits roam this place. Be careful, or they will send you to the underworld!
Temple Gate
A wide standard stage atop the gate to the temple.

Volskaya Industries

Image Description
Balcony Battle
A wide and cramped stage on Katya Volskaya's balcony.
Conveying Around
This stage has a conveyor belt going around the stage. Perhaps it was once used in the manufacturing process of Volskaya Industries.
Katya's Bed
A standard stage taking place in Katya Volskaya's bed.
It's time to pay respect to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Omnic Crisis.
Moving Parts
This stage has a few special hard blocks which shift their position every 7 seconds. Be careful not to trap yourself, and be extra careful not to get crushed by the shifting blocks!

Workshop Chamber

Image Description
Corner Case
A standard stage located in a corner.
Evil Fours New!
There are four evil forces. Evil Fours. Get it...? Anyway, be careful!
Filling the Chamber
A standard stage occupying the entire chamber.
Think Outside the Box
A standard stage on top of the chamber. How did you even get up there?

Workshop Island

Image Description
Middle Ground
A normal-sized standard stage in the middle of Workshop Island. It is slightly rotated for some reason.
Side Portals New!
A fairly normal stage but with portals connecting the sides.
Single tile
A small standard stage occupying only a single tile at the corner of the island.
The Whole Thing
A large standard stage, occupying the whole island...!

(All other maps)

If you try to play on a map not supported by the game mode, there will still be three somewhat playable stages for you. The locations of these are automatically generated based on spawn points. They usually have some map geometry on them causing a less-than-great player experience. It is recommended to only play the supported maps.

Image Description
Unsupported vanilla
A standard stage with nothing fancy going on.
Unsupported portals
A stage with portals connecting the left and right side, and another set connecting the top and bottom side.
Unsupported Evil Force
A stage with two Evil Force entities.

Planned features

  • Nothing, at the moment. I'm kinda running out of actions...

Let's have a blast!

I hope you enjoy this game mode. If you have any feedback, please let me know by leaving a comment! Please also consider adding this mode to your favorites, here on Workshop.codes and in-game!
Have fun!

Players | 1 - 5
Categories: Free for all, Elimination
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.9

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