Boss Fight (3 player Co-op) Version: 1.7.1

A Co-op, Boss/Survival Mode. A Remake of Boss Fight in Brawl Stars

Made By:LILO#22498

Btw new url https://workshop.codes/bossfight3p

In This Mode Ur Goal Is To Deafeat The Boss And Survive. If u Die U Will Wait 20-15 Seconds (depending if u have a mercy on you're team does not stack) Until u will Respawn And If All of You're Teammates Are Dead including yourself You Will Lose.

I recommed playing with 1-2 or more friends for MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF FUN so yea remember this is not a fun solo gamemode so host it with the everyone button or whatever. if u go to workshop settings you can add bots

The types of bots:
Ur regular guy who punches u in the face. This bot only melees. Name Melee Bot current name is Boxing Bot but I will change that the next update and this message

That one guy with an broken aimbot. This bot shoots with his pistol and is the only ranged bots and hes very fragile. Name Sniper Bot

The fast but small one. This Bot is fragile but fast and melees. Name Mini Bot

Bonus: u can increase player count up to 9 on total

The updates has been moved to the Update log

Categories | Boss Mode
Players | 1 - 9
Heroes | All
Created At |
Updated At |
Version | Version 1.7.1


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