Pong V2 (2D Game) With Piano Music!


Pong V2 Youtube video:

Pong V2 is very easy to play, import the code HEWE5, change whatever options you want for the game in the workshop settings window, get a friend and start playing!

The default controls to move the pads are the forward and backwards keys or the shooting buttons, alternatively you can change to using you mouse aiming!

This game was possible thanks to the collaboration between me (Tygo) and ScroogeD, the creator of the project "Overwatch MIDI Pianist" (https://workshop.codes/PWGQ1). Discord tag: ScroogeD#5147
The music was made using: https://github.com/ScroogeD2/owmidiconverter

Here's my discord server if you want to join: https://discord.gg/FDKcEcS

Any feedback is apreciated! I hope you enjoy playing the game x)

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