Prevent null sector invasion on overwatch HQ

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the captain in the factory of rialto ( link for 2nd mission https://workshop.codes/A67MP ) has decided to attack overwatch HQ with upgraded and new units. the same strike team from the factory in rialto have to prevent the invasion, find the captain and shut him down.
Fight against overwath 2 null sector enemies through multiple objectivies and prevent the invasion on overwatch HQ. ( at the start of the game press interact on the left door of the castle from your pov to exit the castle )


: GRUNT, this is a basic unit able to pack a punch in numbers however this can stagger if it takes in big hits

: ELITE GRUNT, this is an upgraded version of the grunt which has more hp and strength with a special move. ( this unit has been upgraded to have a longer special abilty duration )

: ARTILLERY, this is a big omnic with a powerful gun able to one shot weak heros. if any part of the artillary is destoryed, the main core will explode and kill nearby null sector troops.

: BREACHER, this is an objective unit designed to destroy things with its bomb which can deal 450 damage apon detonation after 4 seconds. ( this unit will not be in the mission )

: BEHEMOTH, a boss unit able to mess up your team without teamwork with its dangerous attacks. once it dies it will explode and damage your team within its radius instantly.

: SKIRMISHER, a flying unit that can deal splash damage, these enemies are very dangerous when near cliffs that lead to the void, ( the areas that kill you ) this unit also contains a death animation

: B73-NS V2, an old war machine from the omnic crisis which is upgraded with more armor and damage. these units are deadly in numbers.

: OR14 ENHANCED, another old war machine in the omnic crisis upgraded to the max with a new special ability added towards being the most strongest unit out of all the others. this unit contains a death animation.


: BRUTE, another big omnic that deals great amounts of damage and soaks alot of damage however it cant target enemys that are very close to it that are small but tanks will be affected still by its attacks. this unit contains a quick death animation.

: RIFLEMEN, an infantry unit that always comes in numbers and deal alot of damage together but they can stagger if they take big hits. This unit contains a death animation.

: M-64, a new healing unit able to heal others near it and can deal good amounts of damage, this is a priorty target for all players to go for. this unit can stagger from big hits and has a death animation.

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: PvE
Maps: Havana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0


to open left door from your POV at the start to exit castle
to open left door from your POV at the start to exit castle
to open left door from your POV at the start to exit castle
to open left door from your POV at the start to exit castle
to open left door from your POV at the start to exit castle

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