Destroy null sector's factory

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Ever since null sector loss the battle in paris against overwatch ( link for previous mission: https://workshop.codes/QVYVK ), they are planning to attack paris again while overwatch is still recovering however, overwatch is aware of this and sends a strike team to destroy a factory to prevent null sectory from attacking and buy overwatch more time.

Fight against null sector referenced from overwatch 2 once again with new units and objectives
bugs: some spawns may not work for the enemy team if there are 4 players on the strike team blizard needs to be alerted about this.

important note: there will be only one set of difficulty which is near expert or hard mostly as i want to complete my story mode first then i can strt changing it.


GRUNT: a basic infantry unit capable to soak in some damage and do damage.
the only unit that can get stunned from big hits.

ELITE GRUNT: a stronger and improved version of the grunt with a special move.

ARTILLERY: a tough unit that has a tank gun on its back most of the time. can pack a punch and soak in lots of damage.

BREACHER an objective unit. its function is to go up to a player close and detonate in 4 seconds doing 450 damage. if you see it smoking or on fire then it means its breaching or you hear sounds from it.

BEHEMOTH a tough and strong unit capable to mess up your team easily. contains multiple moves. this unit also slams on entry.


SKIRMISHER a flying unit capable to do splash damage. only has armor hitpoints as its hp.
has a death animation on ground and air.

B73-NS V2 a reworked bastion from the uprising mission and functions properly in the frontlines. contains a special move that is rare in most cases where he goes into his tank form. this unit is more tougher than the original.

OR14 Enhanced similar to the artilery but its a very tough and strong unit out of all the units. contains a special move and does high damage.

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: PvE
Maps: Rialto
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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