Button Bash Bros. Brawl (beta)


Check out this mode's co-creator, NyaWalking!

Background music made possible by ScroogeD's Midi Piano

Warning: Flashing colors. Also, headphone users may want to lower their volume

Genji slashes into battle

Deal damage, deflect attacks, and bash rivals off the stage in this 4 player ffa smash clone.

How to play

  • Press interact (default - f) to ready up. The game loop will start once everyone is ready
  • Each player starts off with 3 stocks by default (configurable in workshop settings)
  • Dealing damage increases your rivals' damage percent
  • The higher your damage percent, the more knockback you take from crit hits
  • Crit your rivals to send them flying off the stage
  • Last player standing wins the round (default 30 rounds)
  • Oh and a Bash Ball™ will show up every few seconds. Break it to get ult!

Workshop Settings

Music Options

Option Default
Play Music On

Game Options

Option Description Default
Battle Type Damage or Stamina battle Damage
Starting Damage 0%
Stocks Stocks / Lives (Range 1-10) 3
Match Time 5 mins

How to change Music

  • First, you need a midi file of the song you want to play during the battle. BitMidi has some good ones
  • Then, go to ScroogeD's Midi Converted and upload your midi file (make sure you don't use more than 7 voices. 6 is the minimum) Custom Music Tutorial
  • Then, click 'Copy to clipboard' to copy the settings
  • Paste that into any text editor (I'm using notepad here)
  • We don't need the entire code, so only copy everything below 'General Song Data'
  • Finally, open the workshop editor, delete the bottom four rules, and paste in your song data

Let us know what you think of the mode! Hope you enjoy!

Code Snippet

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