^^Ascension Watch^^ Custom Heroes and Abilities [final]

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

New custom abilities and slight changes to heroes.

You can go in and out of 3rd person using interact
This mode is 5v5

I am propbably done working on this mode mostly because im working on a new project and tbh i don't know how to fix server loads and crashing etc.

If you are intrested in continuing it just commet or message me on xbox or discord and give credit.
Discord-Just an Eye #371

Latest Patch
Few patches and discontinuation


Dragon Fury- Each deflect hit does bonus damage to your eliminations
New Dragon Fury- Each deflect hit bnounces damage between nearby enemies

- When death comes passive- When a enemy dies a life sap forms giving reaper and his allies health and cooldown reduction
Death stare- Looking at a enemy during phase reduces speed and damages target
Time between each dame tick incresed from (.10->0.150)

When death comes passive- Now only has a max of three procs
- Healing aura Passive- Your staff healing has a aoe effect

Healing decreased form 15->12
Healing now procs seprately instead of continuously

+ Hero Pair
**Life and Death Mercy - Your healing creates a damage wave
Now triggers (1->1,5)

Life and Death Reaper Your when death comes passive does a bonus healing wave
Now only procs 3 times but healing increased from (9->12)

+ Hero Pair
Faster Death Tracer
No longer procs damage for both heros but just widowmaker

Overburn- Overload genrates health and speed to allies converting Torb health to armor
After cooldown is used heal to full hp instead of half

-Battle Resolve Passive- Reduce cooldowns based on the number of deaths of targets
New Battle Resolve Passive-Reduce cooldownb based of trotal of eliminations
Talon Wits Passive- Heal while under 200hp
Treshold for healing increased from 200->250

WIn the War- Your slam does a second hit upon landing launching nearby enemies up
New Win the War- No longer triggers long cooldown unless you hit a target
Now creates a second explosion when landing a hit can trigger on multiple enemies

Life with Life Passive- Whenver you are below half hp your moveset is 2x more effective
Bleeding thorns - Thorn valley deals bleed damage no longer infinately procs on hitting a enemy

Ripple Passive- Allies or your self below half health gain lifesteal
Lifesteal no longer deals bonus damage
Lifesteal amount is now equal to half of the damge dealt by the ally or yourself
Lifesteal now trriggers every other hit

Defense Song- L'ucio heal song now raises damage and defense instead
Fixed the issue where the damge and resistance stats lingered out side of his radius

Spotify Premium- Generate ult charge off wall
Was 70% -> thresold is now removed

Honor and Glory Pasivve- Heal health equal to all teamates alive every second
Now has infinite range at which it procs

Rest- Holding reload sleeps nearby enemies healing Reinhardt
Now lasts (1.5->2)


This mode is not FFA/Deathmatch or workshop map Friendly just yet.
Known Issues - Switching teams mid game of will crash the server

This mode Features

Modified Skills and custom hero HUD-Moves are displayed on the top of your screen and hero pairs will be on the right side to see who your hero matches with

Quality of life changes
** - Some changes that just add more immersion to the game nothing to big but still makes a impact
**Hero Pairing
Each Hero now has a hero to pair up with

This allows certain combination of heroes to gain one extra effect to their gameplay if both are on the same team
for now they will show on the right side of your movesets.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1


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