Sombra Support Rework

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This workshop is a reimagining of Sombra as a Support character. This is also my first workshop creation, so it may not be all that efficient and well done, but I tried my best to make it work as well as possible. I wouldn't know what changes Sombra may actually need and I won't act like I know that these are changes that need to be made to her, but this has been a fun experience for me. I had a great time coming up with all of this, and I hope that you have a great time trying this out.

Below are her new stats that I have attempted to code.

HP: 50 normal, 150 shield, 200 total

Damage: ~110 per second

Cooldown - 12 seconds

No longer gets canceled when taking damage. Works similarly to the TF2 Spy's cloak, where taking damage reveals them for a brief period.
75% speed increase
Cast time - 0.4 seconds
Duration - 4 seconds
Cooldown - 7 seconds

Firewall (Replaces Translocator):
Firewall gives an ally shield health that constantly regenerates. (It's not actually shield health, but let's pretend it is.) Allies already affected with Firewall will have their shields restored.
Health - 75
Regen - 1 per 0.09 seconds
Duration - 10 seconds
Cast time - 0.2 seconds
Cooldown - 4 seconds

"De Las Sombras" (Replaces EMP Ultimate):
Sombra turns herself and all nearby allies invisible for a limited time. Attacking or using abilities while invisible ends the effect.
Duration - 10 seconds
Radius - 9 meters

Future Additions:

  • Firewall target indication
  • Major changes to Hack
    • Decrease duration
    • Allow to be used through barriers
    • Adjustments to cooldown

I don't do tests with other people, so I have no idea if these changes make Sombra too strong or too weak. Therefore, any and all feedback is crucial for me to make proper changes. If she feels too weak, she doesn't contribute a lot in fights, she is too evasive, etc., please leave a comment so I can tweak her accordingly. If you do comment, I only ask that you be respectful and kind.

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