Star Wars Upgrade


This custom game is an upgrade style game mode where you can chose between 2 classes: Sith, and Stormtrooper (ST). The Sith are genji and the Stormtroopers are Soldiers. You can use force energy to upgrade your force income, sith level, and stormtrooper level. You can also use force energy to buy beskar and gold. You can use mines to collect beskar and gold. Gold can be used to upgrade gold income and beskar income. The beskar can be used to upgrade armor integrity which decreases the damage recieved. Ways to get force energy are from force zones and from killing other players. In some updates, these features are changed. Check the version descriptions to see any changes.

Check out my website for all version codes:


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Update Log


This mini-update is a simple bug fix update with some small extra features.
Features Added:

  • Starting score now accurate
  • Genetics upgrade prices changed Glitches:
  • When dying in a mine the task HUD will remain for the rest of the game.

With the new update there is a new resource and 2 new stats: Genetics (Resource), Damage and Health (Stats). You can gather genetics from the genetics harvester. Genetics can be traded for force energy or can be used for upgrades in a new location called the lab.


This is the first version (Check the main description for the details).

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