Apex Protocol (1v6)


Apex Protocol is an unofficial "Juggernaut" variation of Elimination in 1 round format, in which an entire team of Hunters is pitted against one player in a battle to the death. While the primary rules of kill or be killed still apply, the modification involves the lone player taking on an overpowered version of a Hero contending against the rest of the players as the other team until either the Apex or all of the Hunters die.

Team 1 is the Apex. These characters have been reimagined to stand against the 6 other players with enhanced, reworked, or brand new abilities.

Team 2 are the Hunters. The Hunters have been divided into subclasses, each with stat changes that affect gameplay. These subclasses are detailed below.

General Gameplay changes

The Hunters each regenerate 2.5 health per second.

The Apex will respawn from environmental deaths if there are 4+ hunters still alive.

All Hunter changes are refrences. Each character recives diffrent stats. What the class is balanced around.

Hunter Subclasses

Tanks - Shielding

Pros: 200% HP, 75% cooldowns.

Cons: 90% move speed, 75% damage dealt.

Bruisers - Frontline

Pros: 175% HP, 150% damage.

Cons: 150% cooldowns, 95% move speed.

Skirmishers - Closeup Damage

Pros: 150% HP, 75% cooldowns, 125% damage dealt.

Cons: Have to get close to the Apex

Hybrids - All Rounders

Pros: 175% HP, 125% damage dealt, 105% move speed, 150% healing dealt.

Cons: 200% cooldowns.

Supports - Utility

Pros: 150% HP, 105% move speed, 75% cooldowns, provide spawn benefits for the Hunters.

Cons: 75% damage.

Marksmen - Ranged Damage

Pros: 125% HP, 105% move speed, 150% damage, 150% ammo count.

Cons: 125% cooldowns.

Healers - Healer

Pros: 200% healing dealt.

Cons: 50% ammo count.

War Machines - Damage Carries

Pros: 200% Damage, 110% movespeed, 75% cooldowns, 200% ammo count.

Cons: 75% HP.

Needs 2+ people to play. Version 0.5. Everything is subject to change.
Players | 1 - 7
Categories: Boss Mode
Heroes: Reinhardt, Roadhog, Cassidy, Doomfist, Genji, and 6 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.5


Enable 3rd Person View - Apex Only
Enable 3rd Person View - Apex Only
Enable 3rd Person View - Apex Only
Enable 3rd Person View - Apex Only
Enable 3rd Person View - Apex Only



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