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Welcome to Floor is Lava 4.0 !

In this newest version of the famous Custum Game that I've been working on for a long time now, you'll find the best addition of the previous versions as well as new gameplay mechanics.

To start with, for beginners, the goal is simple : one to three lava domes (depending of the map) will slowly rise, engulfing the map little by little. You must avoid lava at all cost, as it will deal damage to you until you die if you don't manage to get out of it in time. As lava rises, players will have to survive against other players, who may try to push the others in lava or out of the map. The last surving player will be declared winner ! Good luck.

What can you exepect from Floor is Lava 4.0 ?

  • All the available deathmatch maps are now playblable (except Workshop special maps), including the latest one, Malevento.

  • New lava dome dynamic that I have created since 2.0 (where I started to rework the mode myself) and that has been carried by all the other iterations created by other players since then : the lava domes will now appear randomly every time. It means you may never face the same situation on a same map. You will need to adapt your tactic to survive depending on the position of the domes (in the very first version of Floor is Lava, which I didn't create, the lava domes had a static position for each map, so you always knew where to go in order to be able to survive the longest).

  • The mode now includes multiple funny lava types :

Lava Type Effect
Red The normal lava that will just burn you. It's the easiest one to deal with
Blue A water tsunami that will knock you down
Orange A dangerous gas that will sleep you
White An avalanche that will freeze you
Purple A nanorobot wave that will hack you
Black A wave of sticky petrol that will immobilize you for a moment
Grey A lahar caused by a nearby volcanic eruption that will stun you
Turquoise A dangerous gas that will poison you
Pink A strange substance that will either make you bigger or smaller
Yellow A growing space-time rift that will teleport you randomly on the map if you enter it
Lime green A corrosive chemical that will make you blind for a few second
  • Each hero now has funny abilities to trick other players. From pushing them far away, stunning them for a random period of time, taking control of them to telporting hem. Some heroes might be reworked soon, I haven't been having time to do it so far.

Please note that I'm not a workshop specialist, I've done all the improvements on my own by researching and learning, and it took me a lot of time, so some bugs may appear, I apologize for that ^^

Have a great time on Floor is Lava 4.0 =D

Players | 1 - 11
Categories: Survival
Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 4.3.7

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