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Welcome to If You Miss You Die!

Heros are Ana, Ashe, Baptiste, Echo, McCree, Mercy, WidowMaker, and Zenyata, D.Va, Genji.
All players are a one hit kill. Game mode is elimination, so be careful, because once you're down, you may not be able to get back up.
Game is focused on team play, instead of on being a free for all. All heros are set up to play a role in combat.

Here is the full list of what heros can only do.



  • Resurects players
  • Ult lets her fly
  • Foat in air
  • Can fire from the hip


  • Ult gives players their ultimates
  • Can fire from the hip
  • Can scope in


  • Ult lets her team see the positions of enemy players
  • Can scope in


  • Ult make him immune to damage for a short period
  • Discord Orb lets his team see the position of one enemy player
  • Can fire from the hip


  • Ult gives his team a second life
  • Can fire from the hip
  • Rocket Boots



  • Can fire from the hip
  • Can scope in


  • Can fire from the hip


  • Ult kills enemies in line of sight, but leaves him open
  • Can fire from the hip


  • can fire from the hip
  • double jump
  • climb walls

  • Can fire from the hip

More heros are set up, and just have to be enabled. The core game has the recommended settings, and recommended heros listed above ready to go.

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Heroes: Ashe, Echo, Cassidy, Widowmaker, Ana, and 3 more...
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