Poly180's ♡ PVE

Code: [W87HS]

Current Version: 4.20.8

A PVE game mode that has unlimited waves and
level of bots.

Discover the different types of bots by completing
a certain number of waves.

Completing or failing a wave will earn you credits.
Credits are divided evenly amongst players.

Make sure to invite your friends to play :)

Bot Types:

Normal: (Introduced at Wave 1)

  • Basic functions

Speedy: (Introduced after Wave 2)

  • Does not use abilities
  • Faster movement speed
  • Melees players when up close
  • Damage boosted
  • Lower health

Aimbot: (Introduced after Wave 5)

  • Always headshots players
  • Projectile speed increased
  • No projectile gravity
  • Damage boosted
  • Behavior of bot differs from hero to hero

Regen: (Introduced after Wave 10)

  • Slight increase in health
  • Slight increase in damage
  • Health regenerates

Boosted: (Introduced after Wave 20)

  • Significant damage boost
  • Mercy bots' healing delt is boosted
  • Glass cannon

Giant: (Introduced after Wave 20)

  • Significant increase in health
  • Slight damage decrease
  • Does not receive healing

Phased: (Introduced after Wave 30)

  • Health increase
  • Slight damage decrease
  • Teleports whenever player is attacking
  • Does not receive healing

Projectile: (Introduced after Wave 40)

  • Same stats as a "Normal" type bot
  • Shoots a projectile everytime player is attacking

  • 1.00.0 (Archived)
  • 1.10.0 (Archived)
  • 1.50.0 (Archived)
  • 2.00.0 (Archived)
  • 2.30.0 (Archived)
  • 2.30.0 (Patch Note)
    • Giant Bots were almost if not were unkillable at higher levels (Issue Fixed)
  • 2.50.0 (Major Update)
    • Quick Enter has been added (works with Upgrade Stations and the Wave Selection Station)
    • Two more heroes were added to the bot list
    • ❚ Tracer ❚ Winston ❚
    • Mode now works with three maps (Workshop Expanse/Workshop Expanse (Night), & Workshop Green Screen)
    • An overhaul was done on bots statistics according to their level
    • Debugged Mercys not aiming at players after wave 1
  • 2.60.0 (Update)
    • UI Update
    • One more hero was added to the bot list
    • ❚ Sombra ❚
    • Finalizing the Quick Enter function
  • 3.00.0 (Update)
    • New type of bot added (Phased) - Starts spawning after wave 30
    • Balance updates for all types of bots
    • Check now appears above players who have set themselves ready
    • All heroes added to Speedy Bot type
    • Performance improvements
  • 3.10.0 (Update)
    • Complete redo of bot progression during waves
    • Bots now adapt according to how the player(s) upgrade their stats
    • Number of current bots spawned depends on number of players
    • New Station added (Bot Voice) - Adjusts the voices of the bots
  • 3.10.0 (Patch)
    • Aimbot damage levels nerfed
    • Boosted bot health levels nerfed
    • Credits earned increased for each wave
  • 3.10.8 (Season Update)
    • One more hero was added to the bot list
    • ❚ Mauga ❚
    • Reduced health on Boosted type bots
  • 4.00.8 (Major Update)
    • Two new upgrade stations were added/created
    • ❚ Lives ❚ Secret Weapon ❚
    • Secret Weapon: fires six super powered projectiles on each use
    • Lives: gives a player the max of ten lives each wave (if they die)
  • 4.00.8 (Urgent Fix)
    • "Invalid Options" notification fixed
    • (Mauga has been removed from workshop)
    • Mauga's bot information is still saved for future use
  • 4.10.8 (Small Patch)
    • Resurrect ability for Mercy is disabled for players
    • Fixed: Players were able to change hero when they died during wave
    • Fixed: Mercy bot (non Aimbot type) randomly shooting at players
    • Fixed: Bots over using ultimates in later/higher waves
  • 4.20.8 (Small Update)
    • "Set Ready" station no longer has unset function
    • Some UI updates to credits and wave progress bar

Keep a look out for new updates in the future! :)

Players | 1 - 6
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 4.20.8

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