Tracer Agar.io with Hero Scaling


Classic Agar.io, but with a few twists.

  • Picking up a Blob increases your score and your size.
  • You can "eat" players smaller (lower score) than you, consuming half their score.
  • Blinking costs 2 score and drops 1 orb.
  • Recall drops 20% of your score on the floor.
  • Collecting orbs charges your ultimate.
  • Hitting someone with your ultimate instantly kills them, absorbing their score.

First to 500 wins.

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Update Log (5)

  • Made picking up blobs much easier.
  • Your radius is now represented by a Light shaft, rather than a sphere. This will make it easier to determine when you will hit something, and it will make it easier to find players.
  • The overhead cam is now much less janky.
  • Picking up blobs will now show pretty colors.
  • Make blobs dropped by recalling much smaller, in scale with max player sizes rather than max score
  • Fixed bug with blobs dropped by recalling being difficult to pick up
  • Fixed several bugs related to not being able to pick up blobs
  • Set default max score to 500
  • You can no longer be killed while recalling
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