Randomized Gun Game with replaced non-FFA abilities and more V0.9

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Gamemode is playable but not tested extensively, have fun!

Gun game but...

  • You have to go through the full roster in randomised order.
  • You can score by killing someone OR by dealing 2000 damage
  • You only heal 25% of life when killing someone, reduced from 100%
  • You lose score for self damage deaths
  • Every ability that has no use in FFA (mercy, brig, zarya, etc...) Has been replaced with weird stuff. Explainations in-game. Will write it here when i feel like it :P
  • Some movement options were expanded upon (lucio the floor is lava, Brigitte recall explodes, baptiste jump is cancer)
  • I like on-a-whim balance changes.

Known bugs:
None, but haven't tested extensively, please write how to reproduce them in the comments if you find some.

Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.2-alpha



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