Randomized Gun Game with replaced non-FFA abilities and more V0.9


Gamemode is playable but not tested extensively, have fun!

Gun game but...

  • You have to go through the full roster in randomised order.
  • You can score by killing someone OR by dealing 2000 damage
  • You only heal 25% of life when killing someone, reduced from 100%
  • You lose score for self damage deaths
  • Every ability that has no use in FFA (mercy, brig, zarya, etc...) Has been replaced with weird stuff. Explainations in-game. Will write it here when i feel like it :P
  • Some movement options were expanded upon (lucio the floor is lava, Brigitte recall explodes, baptiste jump is cancer)
  • I like on-a-whim balance changes.

Known bugs:
None, but haven't tested extensively, please write how to reproduce them in the comments if you find some.

Code Snippet



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Update Log


Fixed catch-up mechanic, again...


Fixed catch-up mechanic giving the wrong hero.
Fixed spamtiste not working.
Probably introduced even more new bugs.


Added things to torb and bastion.
Kill leader now sparkles.
People joining mid match will be put 2 points behind the last player.
More bugfixing than i needed in my life.
Introduced more bugs, probably.

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

Initial public release, playable if you disable the testing code, but probably buggy.

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