Defend Hanamura - PVE Tower Defense

Defend Hanamura is an endless PVE TD gamemode with over a year of design and testing to bring you all new custom hero abilities and game mechanics.

to play you must add 7 bastion bots on hard difficulty to team 2 Preferably, add them before the game starts or restart the game after you do incase their HP is not displayed correctly.

This gamemode is recommended for 2-4 players. You can also play alone by going up to the enemy spawn gate.


  • 10 Heroes with complete revamped abilities designed for uniqueness and interesting playstyles. Pair up different heroes and find countless combos with your friends.
  • Complex gold and level system providing you with bonus stats. Players that join in late won't be left behind!
  • 3 major towers each with unique abilities and an ally bot that players can upgrade and advance together with.
  • A personal tower you can buy and place anywhere in the world.
  • Unique items and buffs that can help you last through the waves.
  • 3 ally pets to choose from, each granding unique buffs that provides you a different play style.
  • 3 special type of events challenging you against stronger units. Hold out the round and recieve extra gold.

Hero abilities

Ashe relies on a stack system called "Bullets". She gets 3 bullets per elimination, up to 12.

  • Ability 1 fires an explosive shell, consuming 1 bullet to create two aoe explosions. If she uses this ability while looking down, the impact will send her flying upwards.
  • Ability 2 Calls upon a bomb to drop onto the location. The ability consumes 10 bullets but does a large amount of damage. Enemies in the middle take twice as much damage and are knocked down.

Brigitte specializes in close combat damage. While she can not heal passively or by items, she does increased damage with she is low on health.

  • Ability 1 Stuns and teleports Brigitte to the target hit. Also grants her 50% of her HP as a shield.
  • Ability 2 consumes a percentage of Brigitte's hp to greatly increase damage for a few seconds.
  • Ultimate Briefly stuns nearby enemies and grants a large shield. Then Brigitte jumps up and slams down. The impact deals damage based on her total HP and knocks enemies down.

Genji uses a stack system for his new ultimate called focus. Additionally, he always uses his sword.

  • Ability 1 Generates focus for Genji, getting kills will reset which can help build up stacks.
  • Ability 2 reflects damage for a short while before dashing foward and teleporting back. All enemies hit will be stunned and dealt additional damage after a small delay. Generates focus.
  • Once Genji reaches enough focus, he will be able to use a new ultimate ability. While looking at a target, Genji will lift the target up and teleport behind him, then he dashes through the enemy and continue to dash around to any nearby enemies for the duration. Genji is invulnerable during this ability.

Hanzo relies on a new system called "Mark". Marked enemies explode when hit by certain attacks.

  • Hanzo's primary fire can overcharge, creating an orb. When Hanzo shoots an overcharged attack, it will deal an additional AOE dmg at impact and marks the enemy. If Hanzo's overcharged attack hits a marked target, the marked target will explode and deal dmg to nearby enemies.
  • Ability 1 leaves a trap at the current location. The trap will freeze the first enemy that it touches and it marks them.
  • Ability 2 grants Hanzo 3 arrows that each marks a target if it. If the target is already marked, it will deal a small AOE explosion. This ability passive also triggers if Hanzo uses ultimate during its duration, triggering the small AOE explosion per hit.

McCree Specilizes in explosions and burst damage.

  • Ability 1 will make McCree invulnerable for a few seconds while increasing his movement speed. In addition, the next attack from any source will deal more damage.
  • Ability 2 Replaces McCree's gun with a hand cannon for a few seconds. The cannon has only 2 shells but it creates an explosion at impact and sets enemies on fire, dealing DOT. If McCree uses secondary fire, both bullets will be consumed to deal double damage.
  • McCree is invulnerable during his ultimate ability, and he will constantly deal damage to enemies he looks at during the charge.

Mei brings to the field a new set of abilities to freeze her enemies in place.

  • Mei's primary fire can not freeze, but it deals increased damage and has unlimited ammo.
  • Ability 1 will shoot a slow flying orb forward, freezing all enemies it comes in contract with.
  • When Mei presses the reload button, she will cast the skill "Shatter", dealing a large amount of damage to nearby frozen enemies but removes their frozen status.
  • Mei's ultimate ability locks her in place and charges up a storm, freezing and dealing damage to nearby enemies, The range of this skill increases overtime.

Orisa is the only tank, able to absorb damage and provide crowd control.

  • Ability 1 refects a certain amount of damage back to the attackers. The damage is increased by a flat amount when she purchases damage reduction.
  • Ability 2 creates a field on the ground that heals you and your team when they take damage within the circle. The healing is 100% of the damage taken.
  • Secondary fire grabs an enemy in close range, immoblizing and lifting them up in the air. During this time, they will follow Orisa's cursor and movement. Orisa can move her cursor upwards to shoot at them.
  • Ultimate ability enables Orisa charge forward, pulling all nearby enemies with her. At the end of the charge she deals a large amount of damage and stuns all targets.

Sombra is able to hack the bots, disabling them for a short while. While they are hacked, they are unable to move and recieves increased damage from all sources.

  • Ability 1 Sombra covers herself in a mist, granting herself a shield and slowing herself and dealing damage to all enemies around her. She heals for a percentage of the damage.
  • Ability 2 Sombra summons a clone that stands at the position. The clone can shoot at nearby enemies and also mimic Sombra's other abilities. * Sombra's clone will cast ability 1 with Sombra. However, the clone does not heal. * Sombra's clone will cast ultimate with Sombra, however the range and hack duration is greatly reduced. If this attack hits an enemy that is already hacked, it will create an explosion, dealing 20% of the enemy's health to themselves and other enemies nearby.

Torbjorn uses a new stack system called "scraps", which is generated at a chance when he earns an elimination. Scraps can be used to upgrade his custom turret or speed up its attack speed temporarily.

  • Ability 1 is replaced by a custom turret with a slightly smaller range but much higher DPS.
  • Ability 2 consumes 1 scrap to increase the attack speed of the turret.
  • Using the hammer near the turret will consume 10 scraps to increase the turret damage.

Tracer specializes in pulse bomb barrages; rapidly clearing out the field.

  • Ability 2 is replaced by Tracer's normal ultimate pulse bomb. This ability can be stored up to 4 stacks with 3 additional stacks saved.
  • Ultimate will give Tracer max stacks on ability 2 and replaces her primary fire with pulse bombs. Pulse bombs fired during this time flies further and faster, and they do no damage Tracer. Additionally, Tracer also recieves increased movement speed during the duration.

Moira specializes in crowd control and dealing single target damage.

  • Moira can not heal, but her secondary attack damage scales over time on the same target. The longer she attacks, the more damage it deals, up to a certain limit.
  • Ability 2 uses Moira's normal ultimate, dealing damage and freezing all targets hit. After it ends, she throws out a shadow bomb that deals damage on impact. Moira can not move during this ability and her aim speed is reduced.
  • Ultimate will transform Moira into a dark cloud, becoming invincible. While Moira is in the dark cloud, she will continously shoot out damage orbs and deal 50% increased damage.


Ice Tower Ice tower does not deal a lot of damage, but as you upgrade it, the range and slow is increased. Once the slow is maxed, it gains mote damage and the range continues to increase infinitely.

Tesla Tower Tesla tower does damage to all enemies nearby. It is conveniently located at the gate,

Core Tower Core tower is the final line of defense. It deals a large amount of AOE damage at the point of impact. However it only targets 1 enemy. Upgrading the tower to lvl 10 and 25 will change its appearance and give a significant dmg bonus each.

Personal tower Each player can purchase 1 personal tower, and place it anywhere in the field. Players can move and upgrade the tower but the tower damage does not scale with the player's dmg modifier.

Ally bot Ally bot upgrade will change the hero. Each bot deals significantly more damage than the previous.

  • 1st purchase summons Ana bot. She can heal you but she won't notice you.
  • 2nd purchase summons Zenyatta bot, which also has access to discord orb.
  • 3rd purchase summons Bastion bot which also has access to ability 1. This is the only bot that can't be pushed around.
  • 4th purchase gives Pharah bot, which is able to constantly spam ultimate.

Blood Cannon The Blood Cannon does a lot of damage every few seconds, but it requires a player to control. The explosions are so strong that it will briefly stun the enemies but also does a small amount of damage to players. The Blood Cannon will consume a percentage of the user's HP per hit.


Rei is the red ally, healing the player when under a certain amount of health and also gives extra ultimate charges. Genji does not get extra ultimate charges.

Rumi is the blue ally, constantly marking an ally which will take an increased amount of damage from you. Rumi also attacks a nearby enemy. This attack scales with your dmg modifier.

Kura is the yellow ally, giving you increased gold from kills and also has a chance to drop a coin which you can pick up for extra gold. Only 1 coin can be dropped at once, and if you do not pick up it up it will be automatically picked up after a certain amount of time.

Special enemies

All special enemies are slightly slower

Barrier enemies are surrounded by a yellow orb. The Barrier has a certain amount of health you must break before you can damage them. However, tower damage goes through the barriers.

Invisible targets are invisible, and Rumi can not mark them. You can purchase a ward from the eye icon that can be placed to reveal nearby invisible units.

Tiny units are tiny and a lot harder to hit.

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: PvE
Heroes: Orisa, Ashe, Cassidy, Genji, Hanzo, and 6 more...
Maps: Hanamura
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.9.23


Purchase / interact within the circles
Purchase / interact within the circles
Purchase / interact within the circles
Purchase / interact within the circles
Purchase / interact within the circles



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