Therabody Recovery Lounge - Advanced Training Range (Feat. SF Shock)

Welcome to the Therabody Recovery Lounge.

An advanced training range fitted with 8 unique stations training specific skills for optimal gaming.

Practice flickshots, projectile airshots, tracking, shatter blocking, grav eating, Tracer one-shotting, primal juggling, as well as how to calm your mind after a stressful game.

Made by Therister#1251, in collaboration with San Francisco Shock. Sponsored by Therabody.


A sleek central hub where you can select your preferred practice station.

An intuitive, easy-to-use menu system with clean UI.

After entering a station, choose between two modes:

  • Endless Mode - Practice endlessly in the station at your own leisure.
  • Challenge Mode - Rack up as many points as you can within a given time limit. Your highscore will be saved to an in-game scoreboard!

Then, choose your preferred hero you wish to practice with, and the station will start up after a three-second countdown!

A physical in-game scoreboard to compare you and your friends' highscores.


Kilo's Flickshot Frenzy

This station only allows you to pick non-tracking hitscan heroes. A Zenyatta bot is suspended in the air. Each time you shoot it, it will teleport to a new location, and the damage dealt will appear in the air. A red sphere marks its head hitbox.

s9mm's Projectile Airshot Trainer

This station only allows you to pick heroes with projectile weapons/abilities. Zenyatta bots are repeatedly launched into the air. Try to hit them with your projectiles of choice!

Finn's Tracking Trainer

This station only allows you to pick tracking heroes. A Lúcio bot repeatedly jumps, wallrides and strafes around in the area. Kill the Lúcio bot as quickly as you can using only your tracking weapon!

Super's 4head Shatter Block Station

This station only allows you to pick Zarya, Reinhardt or Sigma. A Reinhardt bot circles around you, swinging its hammer and occasionally firestriking to throw you off. Every once in a while, it will Earthshatter, and you must block it in time with your barrier! Time it well, as blocking too early will hack you momentarily!

Choi's Grav Eating Station

This station only allows you to pick D.Va or Sigma. Occasionally, a Zarya bot will appear on the map in a random location and fire a Graviton Surge at you. Time your Defense Matrix/Kinetic Surge just right to eat the Graviton Surge before it lands, but be careful as using those abilities too early will hack you momentarily!

Proper's Tracer Annihilator

This station only allows you to pick heroes that have one-shot/combo potential to kill a Tracer. A Tracer bot will strafe and blink around you, and if it takes any damage, it will try to Recall at the earliest possible time. To earn points, you must either one-shot the Tracer, or lock it in a CC combo that allows you to kill it before it can Recall!

Primal Juggling Station

This station only allows you to be a Primal Raging Winston. Try to juggle a Zenyatta bot for as long as you can without it touching the ground, or the station resets! In Challenge Mode, your scoring caps at a 6-hit combo, so you cannot just farm points by keeping the Zenyatta bot juggled against a corner, so take note of that!

Therabody Tilt Management Center

You may enter this station as any hero you like. In this station, a Zenyatta bot accompanies you through a simple breathing technique for calming yourself, while occasionally giving you relaxing words of reassurance, or healthy advice especially for long gaming sessions.

To emulate "breathing", move your aim up or down to change the size of your "breathing circle". Aiming upwards expands the breathing circle, akin to breathing in, while aiming downwards shrinks the breathing circle, akin to breathing out. Try to match your breathing circle with the Zenyatta bot's, and physically breathe along with your aim for best results.

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Practice Mode
Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
Maps: Nepal
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.1



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