Zombies vs Humans [CSO Zombies]│좀비 vs 인간 [카스 좀비]

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◆ Game objectives
25 seconds after the game starts, a host zombie is randomly spawned from among the players (2 if there are more than 6).

  • Humans: Win by permanently killing all zombies or surviving for a limited time
  • Zombies: Win by infecting all humans

The host player can change a few settings in the workshop settings.


  • Human knockback is proportional to damage.
  • Zombies take strong knockback when hit in mid-air.
  • Moira stealth is not complete stealth.
  • If there are 3 or fewer humans, the location will be revealed at 15 seconds remaining.
  • Human melee attack knockback is powerful.

◆ Supply

  • First drop at 100 seconds remaining (time can be changed), second drop after 40 seconds
  • Humans: Bastion, Health Recovery, +1 Sprint
  • Zombies: +50 Rage Gauge (cannot be obtained if the Rage Gauge is full)

◆ Zombie
Public Skills

  • Zombie Bomb(Left + Right Mouse Button): After 3 seconds, it explodes, knocking nearby players upwards and dealing 5 damage. Zombies hit by the explosion have a massive movement speed boost for 1 second.
  • Host(Passive): 20% less damage taken and increased Rage Gauge Gain


  • Rampage(Shift): Gain 25% increased movement speed, 18% increased knockback resistance, and 30% increased damage taken for 8 seconds.
  • Stealth(E): Stealth for 6 seconds and increased jumping power.


  • Self-destruct(Q): Immediately self-destruct after 5 seconds or if you collide with or die to a human, knocking back enemies in a 12m radius for 18-150 damage. Increases your movement speed by 25%.
  • Chain Hook(Shift): Throws a grappling hook at the target, dealing 5 damage and pulling them firmly toward you.
  • Take a Breather(E)


  • Concussion Mine(Shift): You can detonate the mine, dealing 1-9 damage to enemies and blowing them away, or you can fly up into the air yourself.
  • Rampage(E): Gain 25% increased movement speed, 18% increased knockback resistance, and 30% increased damage taken for 8 seconds.


  • Wall Climb: Consumes up to 91 Adrenaline and reduces movement speed by 20%.
  • Dash(Shift): Dash forward, spending 30 Adrenaline.


  • Leap(Passive): Zombie Bomb cooldown reduced by 8 seconds
  • Valkyrie(Q): Can be recharged by Heal, reduces Valkyrie movement speed by 20% when used
  • Heal(E): Heals nearby allies and yourself for 50 health every 0.5 seconds over 6 seconds. Your Ult gauge is charged based on the amount of healing.


  • Rapid Regen(Crouch): Restores 800 health.
  • Jump Pack(Shift): Levitates into the air when used. Knocks back nearby enemies and deals 1-50 damage when you land on the ground.
  • Rampage(E): Gain 25% increased movement speed, 18% increased knockback resistance, and 30% increased damage taken for 8 seconds.

◆ Hero Zombie (Human Hero Infection)

  • Hero(Passive): 40% less Head Damage and increased Rage Gauge Gain

◆ Rage Gauge: Increases when you take damage or get a kill, and can stack up to 200%.

  • Max Health increases when the gauge is above 100% and 200%, respectively.
  • Gain additional movement speed equal to 5% of your Rage Gauge

You may choose a zombie for 10 seconds immediately after infection or upon respawning from death.

◆ Human

  • Sprint(Shift): This is a one-time use and increases your movement speed for 7 seconds. At the end of the duration, you walk at a very slow speed for 2.5 seconds.
  • Double Jump: Jump in the air one more time. Ultimate(Confirm kill)
  • This is a one-time use, and the damage dealt is increased by 40% for the duration.
  • If a zombie is killed within the duration, that zombie cannot be revived.

◆ Hero (If more than 6 people, select 1 random person)

  • Shows zombie health, 20% more damage, 50% less damage taken

◆ Damage Up (MAX 160% + 40%)

  • Humans gain 5% more damage for every zombie killed, up to a maximum of 160%.
  • Humans deal up to an additional 40% more damage when clustered.
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Survival, PvE
Heroes: Roadhog, Winston, Ashe, Bastion, Cassidy, and 12 more...
Maps: Hanamura, Dorado, Havana, Eichenwalde, Hollywood, and 1 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.7.02

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