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Be very, very quiet...

There is a creature loose on the map, one who relies on sound rather than sight. Don't make any sudden moves, dont say a word, make no noise, and if it knows you're there.... RUN.

In this mode, a blind monster roams the map looking for the survivors.

Your job as a survivor is to survive until the timer runs out. You need to make as little noise as possible while avoiding the monster. Moving quickly, using abilities, ultimates, voicelines and taunts, all give you away!

Pay close attention to the eye near your reticule. If it appears, your character is no longer invisible! When it dissapears, your character is invisible again.

Your heart will start pounding when you are in view of the monster, if your heart beats faster, it means it can see you!

Be careful-- Even when sneak-walking, your footsteps are heard very clearly, and there is a small cloud of smoke kicked up from your feet. Try not to move when the monster is near!


If you are it, you need to look for people and kill them. If you kill all survivors, the game is over and you win.
Search for people by running around and listening for footsteps, attacking in potential hiding spots, etc. Be very observant, as you will often catch people this way.

Pay attention to your stamina bar. Attacking or leaping will remove stamina. Refrain from doing either for a few seconds, and the stamina bar will begin to recharge. Manage this well!

Your ultimate is very useful. It brings all enemies out from invisibility, highlights them, and even knocks them over breifly if they are really close! It also gives you infinite stamina for the duration of it's use. Use it often!

If there is one enemy alive, your ultimate will also let out a pulse that moves slowly in the direction of the last enemy if you're far enough away from them. Use this to get a general direction of where they are.

This works best when everyone is in match chat so you can hear their screams and scare them further. Play with your friends or go with strangers!

Important! If you are modifying this game and reuploading it, PLEASE credit back to my game and let them know you modified it. Multiple games have copied my code directly and passed it off as their own. Thanks a bunch!

Players | 1 - 9
Categories: Survival, Hide and Seek
Heroes: Winston, Ashe, Genji, Hanzo, Cassidy, and 7 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.4



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