Horror In Halloween House - A Hidden-Role Mystery Gamemode

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"It all began when those nosy pilgrims traveled to a spooky castle atop a faraway island, in hopes of leading the lost souls of the castle to salvation."

"But little did they know, the cursed manor housed sinister monsters that hid under the guise of friendly faces."


Welcome to Horror In Halloween House, a hidden-role-type Overwatch Workshop gamemode where a team of humans are tasked with leading souls to their resting places. However, a random one or two humans are chosen at the start of every round to secretly become classic halloween monsters.

Monsters must kill all humans before they finish salvaging souls, while humans must either salvage all the souls or kill all the monsters.

However, each and every monster is equipped with unique abilities that allow them to discreetly kill off the humans while hiding their identity, or aid their other fellow monsters in their hunts.

It's like Among Us, but with monsters!



The Werewolf - Whenever the blood moon rises, uncontrollably transform into a bloodthirsty beast with no trace of your human identity left!

Count Dracula - Convert humans who are near death into allied vampires that can convert more humans for you! Use your vampiric flight to secure a bite or escape a dire situation!

The Phantom - Half-human, half-ghost. Disguise yourself as a dead player's ghost to avoid detection, or haunt a living human and attack others in the safety of your vessel! (Note that Haunt does NOT act like mind control. You are simply attached to a human and invisible, but you are still able to attack and use abilities normally.)

The Witch - Cast a powerful hex on a human near you to take over their mind and control their body!

The Devil - Unleash damnation upon all humans, rendering everyone temporarily blind! Use your hellfire to instantly kill a human without giving away your identity!

Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde - Two minds take turns controlling one body. Doctor Jekyll looks just like any ordinary, innocent human, while Mister Hyde is a disfigured, powerful monster who is unable to heal on his own. Work together to keep your identities covered while picking the humans off!

Doctor Frankenstein - Reanimate the corpses of fallen humans to bring them back as innocent-looking zombies! If you are dead, you yourself will return to the living when the next blood moon rises!

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Heroes: Ashe, Cassidy
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Version: 1.4.8

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