It's Time for a Rework | Mass Rez Mercy + Valkyrie

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Inspired by Mercy's original Ultimate Resurrect, as well as her current ultimate Valkyrie, this build reworks Mercy in a way that brings back Mass Res in all of it’s former glory, and adds upon it with the utility of Valkyrie as an E-move. In addition, this mod includes improvements to make her balanced, fair, and fun. The goal of these builds is to make a version of Mercy that looks and feels as smooth and authentic as the original, while also appealing to those who like to play with the utility and versatility of Valkyrie. In essence, this mod hopes to combine all the great things people love about Mercy, both from past as well as the present, and if you like both the Resurrect Ultimate Mercy had back then, and the Valkyrie ultimate she has now, this mod is for you.

This build is a labor of love, a passion project of mine, is updated constantly, and is one of the most state-of-the-art / advanced mods of Mercy ever created in the workshop.

Psst! Play on Console? Use the CNSL VERSION instead!
0.9v CNSL Version: 0J6KH


Mass Rez

  • Former Ultimate - Resurrect: Mass Rez makes a return, with a new animation, a cast time, effects, and dynamic soul physics. Literally raise the dead as you rise up from the ground, bringing back your dead allies. Mercy also benefits from no speed reduction on the cast, and can earn a boost of flight on perfect rezzes. Use these mechanics to your advantage! The physics-based Resurrect system has been redesigned to use ray-casting. Ray-casting, as well as improvements to LOS, and teleporting souls ensures that every resurrect feels snappy, fluid, and accurate.

E-Ability - Valkyrie

  • New E Ability - Valkyrie: Mercy’s Valkyrie Suit helps keep her close to teammates like a guardian angel; healing, resurrecting or strengthening them with the beams emanating from her Caduceus Staff. Mercy abilities are improved. She gains increased speed, a boost in healing, and is given flight.

Passive - Clairvoyance

  • New Passive Ability - Clairvoyance: When Mercy’s Ultimate is ready, she uses the powers of her Valkyrie suit to mark nearby souls within her LOS. Souls will sparkle when Q is pressed, and an icon of the dead team mate in view will be visible at the top of the screen for a brief period. This ability is only usable when she has her ultimate, but be careful, enemies can see you use it as well.

HUD indicator

  • Improved HUD Indicators: Will let you know in detail who you are attempting to revive, how many players you've resurrected, & show when Intensive Care is on a cool-down.

  • And more!

As time progresses, I will update and tweak it as I go. Nonetheless, this is the start of a new Era, and I’m more than excited to be a part of it with you.

I hope you all have fun playing this mod as much as I had making it. Enjoy!

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Welcome to Mass Rez 0.9v! Workshop Developer Update Overview

Version History | Older Versions (& Import Codes):

ver. 0.7v: SAQ4F

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ver. 0.7.1v CNSL: SAQ4F

Did you know that this mod is a Valkyrie-based variant of the It's Time for a Revert | Mass Rez Mercy mod? Check out the original mod here!


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