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Game mode by Grenchio/Grenlyn

Original agar.io that you can play on your browser -> agar.io

Rainbow watermark by andy


Pretty much agar.io but in overwatch and you're all piggies. Collect orbs around the map to increase your size or kill enemies by being bigger to eat them or throwing a replica of your own bubble. You must reach size 20 and stay size 20 for 20 seconds to win. Your ability cooldown increases per size and your speed slows down per size as well. There's a custom leaderboard at the top of your screen as well. Lastly the orbs that spawn around the map are green, yellow, and red. Each color gives you a certain increase in size. Not collecting orbs is really bad since you won't get big at all.


Game Settings

Paused Timer? | Default → ON
Self Bubble Visible | Default → ON
Random Size Increase Orbs | Default → ON
Random Orb Spawn Timers | Range → 2 - 4 | Default → 3
Aim Beam For Your Ability | Default → ON


Check out my official discord server for the official ♥Black Hole♥ game mode -> https://tinyurl.com/bhserver

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Roadhog
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1

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