Overwatch: Beyond Repair

Welcome to Overwatch: Beyond Repair

This is an Overwatch 3 spoof game mode that awnsers the question of what would happen if Overwatch was once again updated by following the trends of OW 1 to OW 2. I have removed 1 teamate from either team and effectively removed the support role like they did to the tank role in OW 2. Also I removed all hero healing and made all damage 50% less.
There are a total of 8 complete reworks, 32 ability reworks, and a total of over 200 changes in this mode.
Thanks for playing, Hope you have fun
All changes are listed bellow


  • All heroes no longer heal
  • All damage is reduced by 50% unless otherwise specified
  • New 4v4 format
  • Tank's do not gain an extra 150 health
  • This is set in open queue

Heal Passive

  • All heroes will start healing after 5 seconds of not taking damage
  • Heal amount: 10% of max health + 5% of max health per dead enemy

Hero Changes

Developer Comments
All initial values in the following changes have the 50% damage reducation applied to them for ease of read

Biotic Rifle
  • Damage: 35 -> 45

  • Fire Rate: 0.8 -> 0.6

  • D.O.T Duration: 0.59s -> 0.4s

Sleep Dart
  • New!:Slowly pushes Ana up for a small amount of time allowing her to get to higher spots on the map

  • Duration: Max 2s

  • Max Height: 10m

  • Cooldown: 8s

Biotic Grenade
  • New!:Throws a grenade dealing damage an knocking back any enemies hit. If Ana is scoped in, the grenade will pull enemies in rather than knocking them back

  • Cooldown: 13s

  • Damage: 30

  • Effect Radius: 4m

Nano Boost
  • New!:Shoots massive balls instead of regular shots, dealing more damage while shooting slower. These balls do A.O.E. and D.O.T. damage

  • Damage: 90

  • Fire Rate: 1.0

  • Effect Radius: 2m

  • D.O.T Duration: 0.4s

  • Duration: 6s

Biotic Launcher Alt Fire
  • New!:Lobs a damage projectile, that on impact slows all enemies affected and deals D.O.T damage

  • D.O.T Damage: 50

  • Duration: 2s

  • Slow Amount: 50%

  • Effect Radius: 3m

Regenerative Burst
  • Added!:Generates overhealth for all nearby allys, decaying over a small amount of time

  • Overhealth: 150

  • Effect Radius: 12m

  • Cooldown: 12s

  • Healing: 80-120 -> 0

Base Stats
  • Health: 150 -> 262.5

  • Armor: 50 -> 87.5

Rocket Flail
  • Damage: 17.5 -> 28

Whip Shot
  • Whipshot Knockback -> Whipshot pulls enemy in

  • Cooldown: 4s -> 5s

  • Damage: 35 -> 0

Repair Pack
  • New!:Dash fowards a small distance, dealing a small amount of damage to the closest enemy

  • Damage: 15

  • Dash distance: 7.5m

  • Cooldown per charge: 8s

  • Starts at 1 charge out of spawn

Shield Bash
  • Damage: 25 -> 0

  • Cooldown: 4s -> 11s

  • Now knocks down enemies for 1s

Barrier Shield
  • Size: 1x -> 2x

  • Cooldown when destroyed: 5s -> 1s


Ability 2

  • New!:Dash forwards taking all enemies with Illari. At the end of the dash, Illari will Melee 3 times in quick succession. Can be cancled early by using secondary fire
  • Dash distance: 10m
  • Max damage: 63
  • Cooldown: 5s

Secondary Fire

  • New!:Dashs upwards and takes all enimes with Illari in a small area. Illari will Melee 7 times during the duration of the ability
  • Max Damage: 105
  • Dash Height: 5m
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Duration: 0.3s

Junker Queen

Developer Comments
Junker Queens passive no longer heals her since all hero healing has been removed.
Also her ult's anti heal is effectivly useless.
I buffed her bleed damage to compansate


  • Bleed Damage: 7.5 -> 17.5
  • Total Damage: 22.5 -> 32.5

Jagged Blade

  • Miss Bleed Damage: 7.5 -> 16.5
  • Hit Bleed Damage: 15 -> 32
  • Hit Total Damage: 47.5 -> 64.5


  • Bleed Damage: 20 -> 38
  • Total Damage: 65 -> 83


  • Bleed Damage: 30 -> 55
  • Total Damage: 50 -> 75


Primary Fire

  • Ammo: 15 -> 9

Secondary Fire

  • New!:Talismans now deal damage to closest enemy to reticle in a short range
  • Ammo: 10 -> 6
  • Damage per Talisman: 30
  • Damage Total: 90

Ability 2

  • New!:Teleports Kiriko foward. If there is a surface in the way, Kiriko will teleport to the surface instead
  • Max Distance: 20m
  • Cooldown: 10s


Secondary Fire

  • New!:Lifeweaver shots a hitscan shot dealing medium damage
  • Damage: 20
  • Headshot Multiplyer: 2x
  • Fire Rate: 0.3s
  • Ammo: Remains at 20

Ability 2

  • New!:Lifeweaver will charge an attack locking out his movement, then Lifeweaver will create a massive beam lastly for a small amount of time
  • Max damage: 180
  • Delay: 0.5s
  • Duration: 0.9s
  • Cooldown: 9s
  • Max Range: 20m


  • New!:Launches a massive ball dealing instant damage to all enemies hit. All enemies hit by the ball will also create a smaller ball above their heads dealing additional damage to them and all nearby enemies
  • Big ball damage: 50
  • Big ball radius: 10m
  • Small ball damage: 30
  • Small ball radius: 6m
  • Slightly pulls enemy towards the position where the big ball landed


Primary Fire

  • Falloff amount: 10 damage per shot within 12m down to 5 damage per shot after 22m
  • Ammo: 20 -> 28

Ability 1

  • New!:Cross fade will cause Lúcio to deal more damage while in healing boost form
  • Healing boost no longer heals
  • Damage boost: +20%
  • Damage boost is only applied to Lúcio

Ability 2

  • Amp for damage boost: +50%

Secondary Fire (Boop)

  • Damage: 12.5 -> 25


Developer Comments
Mei no longer gains healing from Cyro Freeze, so I added some extra effects to it. Than I made her a tank just for the fun of it :)

Base Stats

  • Health: 250 -> 350
  • Size: 1x -> 1.25x
  • Similar Size to Zarya

Endothermic Blaster

  • Ammo: 150 -> 200
  • Alt fire ammo usage: 10 -> 25
  • Damage: 50/s -> 40/s
  • Alt fire damage: 37.5 -> 30

Cryo Freeze (Ability 1)

  • Added: Now pulses rings around Mei that deal damage and slow nearby enemies
  • Added Mei now doubles in size during Cryo Freeze
  • Healing: 50/s -> 0/s
  • Damage per pulse: 4
  • Max number of pulses: 16
  • Max damage: 64
  • Pulse Frequency: 4/s (1 every 0.25s)
  • Radius: 6m
  • Slow: 50%
  • Slow Duration: 0.25s


Mercy can only use Caduceus Blaster
Primary Fire

  • Falloff amount: 12.5 damage within 5m down to 10 damage after 15m
  • Projectile Speed: 100% -> 200%

Secondary Fire

  • New!:Now shoots a shot gun
  • Damage per shot: 10
  • Number of shots: 10
  • Total damage: 100
  • Head shot mult: 1.5x
  • Fire Rate: 0.6s
  • Max Spread: 18°
  • Ammo use: 5

Ability 2

  • New!:Lanches Mercy up increaseing her mobility and deals damage while pushing back nearby enemies
  • Upwards impulse: 10m
  • Enemy Knockback: 2.5m
  • Damage: 25
  • Move speed: +300%
  • Move speed Duration: 0.25s


  • Added: Reduces Secondary Fire spread to


Biotic Energy

  • Energy Recharge Rate: 2.4%/sec -> 160%/sec
  • Total Recharge Time: 42s -> 0.625s

Primary Fire

  • New!:Quickly melees 3 times. Can be canceled early
  • Melee damage: 28.5
  • Fire Rate: 0.2s
  • Energy consumption per melee: 33%
  • Must be over 25% biotic energy to activate

Secondary Fire

  • New!:Lauches a projectile dealing a small amount of damage with short range and melees
  • Damage: 38
  • Melee Damage: 7
  • Energy Consumption: 75%
  • Must have 100% biotic energy to activate

Ability 1

  • New!:Move faster, and become invulnerable, but you cannot shoot.
  • Cooldown: 6s -> 2.5s
  • Move speed: +250% -> +400%
  • Duration: 0.8s -> 0.4s
  • Max Distance: 15m -> 12m
  • No longer gains add jump height
  • Moira will glow blue during this ability

Ability 2

  • New!:Moria will leaps towards a target enemy dealing damage on impact and increasing Moira's damage for a small amount of time
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Leap time: 0.2s
  • Damage: 38 + 19 from increase damage
  • Increase Damage Amount: +50%
  • Increase Damage Duration: 2s


  • New!:Increase Moira's damage dealt, decreases damage recieved, and increases move speed
  • Damage Dealt: +50%
  • Damage Recieved: -50%
  • Move Speed: +50%
  • Duration: 8s


Developer Comments
Reaper can no longer heal with his passive since all hero healing has been removed
Hopefully these buffs should help him out a bit

Base States

  • Health: 250 -> 275

Shadow Step(Ability 2)

  • Added: Now reloads ammo on use
  • Removed: Exit animation
  • Cast time: 2.096s -> ~1.4s
  • Reaper can now shoot, move, and take damage instantly after teleporting

Developer Comments
I tried to make reapers teleport as fast as possible. While doing this I relized that Reaper's teleport is not consistant between usages. Some teleports take 1.3s to teleport the player after usage, whereas others take 1.7s. The time to teleport that was most frequent in my testing was 1.4s.


Developer Comments
Due to the system wide damage reduction to all heroes, sheilds have became effectively twice as powerful.
For this reason I wanted to make Rein's sheild to be only up temporarily but be more effective when up.

Barrier Field

  • Added: All enemies touching the sheild will be knocked back and take a small amount of damage
  • Max uptime: 4s
  • Cooldown: 4s + 1s per second the sheild was up
  • Damage: 20/s
  • Move Speed Modification: -30% -> +40%


Developer Comments
Roadhogs healing is an intergral part of his kit. Now that it no longer heals due I have made many changes to the ability the should hopefully allow Roadhog to still get out of danagerous situations.

Take a breather

  • Added: Now reloads Scrap Gun on use
  • Added: Roadhog can now shoot and use abilities during the ability
  • Removed: Roadhog no longer gains 50% healing received amplification for 2.5 seconds
  • Healing: 350 -> 0
  • Cast time: 0s -> 0.25s
  • Duration: 1s -> 4s
  • Damage Reduction: Remains at 50%
  • Move Speed: +0% -> +50%
  • Cooldown: 8s -> 12s
  • Roadhog have a burning effect during the duration of the ability
  • Cooldown starts when casted


Developer Comments
Due to the system wide damage reduction to all heroes, sheilds have effectively become twice as powerful.
For this reason I wanted to make Sigma's sheild to be only up temporarily but be more effective when up.
Unfortunatly there is no way of setting the health of a players sheild, so Sigma still has to deal with the
the limitations of the waiting for his sheild to come back up. Also the recharge rate modifier under Sigma's hero
settings is bugged so I cannot make it come back up faster.

Experimental Barrier

  • Added Sigma's sheild will now grow while it is up, but has a max duration
  • Max duration: ∞ -> 5s
  • Cooldown: 5s
  • Growth scale: Linear from 0.1x up to 5x

Soldier: 76

Developer Comments
Soldier's Biotic Field (Heal) has become useless due to system changes. I have made the Biotic Field now damage amp all allies inside instead of heal

Biotic Field (Ability 2)

  • Added: Damage amplifies all allies inside
  • Damage amp amount: +0% -> +40%
  • Healing: 40/s -> 0/s


Developer comments
Zarya's sheild's health effectively double with the system wide damage reduction nerf. While it does give Zarya anymore charge, it does make it quite difficult to kill her or the ally who posses the sheild. For these reason I decided to up the cooldown a bit just incase.

Particle Barrier

  • Cooldown: 8s -> 10s

Projectile Barrier

  • Cooldown: 8s -> 10s


Base Stats

  • Health: 50 -> 100
  • Sheild: 150 -> 300

Primary Fire

  • New!:Zenyatta kicks rapidly
  • Fire Rate: 0.3s
  • Damage: 15
  • Does not knockback

Secondary Fire

  • New!:Zenyatta Leaps in targeted direction dealing damage on impact
  • Cooldown: 4s
  • Leap Distance: 10m
  • Damage: 10
  • Effect Radius: 5m

Ability 1

  • New!:Zenyatta charges and attack, stopping all movement for a small amount of time. After, Zenyatta will damage all nearby enemies flinging them up into the air and locking out there movement.
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Charge Time: 1.2s
  • Damage: 40
  • Lanch height: 10m
  • Enemy Lockout Duration: 1s
  • Effect Radius: 8m

Ability 2

  • New!:Instantly teleports to target enemy bringing them down to the ground, dealing damage, and knocking them down. Target must be airborn
  • Cooldown: 4s
  • Altitude required to attach: 5m off the ground
  • Damage: 50
  • Knockdown duration: 1s
  • Cast Range: 15m


  • New!:Zenyatta levitates in the air, then after a short amount of time, Zenyatta will %Max health damage and will lauch all nearby enemies in the air
  • Max Health damage: 35%
  • Lanch height: 10m
  • Enemy Lockout Duration: 1s
  • Effect Radius: 13m
  • Charge Time: 1.3s
Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Scrims
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Maps: Circuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, and 23 more...
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