Poly180's ♥ CHILL/KILL

Code: [AYMSM]

Current Version: 3.45.0

How To Use the Menu:

When you spawn in press your interact button
to open or close menu.

While in the menu, press jump to move foward
through the different commands, crouch to go backwards.

Also while in menu, press primary or secondary
to scroll through the options on each page

Default Map: (Lijiang Garden - FFA)
Note: you can change to any map you prefer and to any mode.

Where I create and upload my Animation/Music projects.

Additional Music Projects.

Discord Server, where you can come and hang out :)

  • 3.25.0 (Archived)
  • 3.30.0 (Archived)
  • 3.30.5 (Archived)
  • 3.33.0 (Update)
    • New page added called "Custom Role" for Mods, Admins, and Host Only
    • (^ changes player's role name to whatever they want ^)
    • Major reduction on total amount of workshop rules without removing any current functions
  • 3.33.0 (URGENT FIX)
    • The Projectile Speed command (page 6) was not working after the update (new fix uploaded immediately)
    • (Note: If you somehow encounter any other errors in game, please let me know in the comments)
  • 3.33.0 (Major Patch)
    • New page added to menu called "Flight Mode" (Available to all players)
    • List of colors for Player Icons has been updated and upgraded
    • List of colors for Effects (Drawing) updated
    • Menu now engages a loading time before opening (Anti Crash Tool) ✦ New menu exiting transition
    • "Custom Role" page now includes all number inputs and special symbols (Note: 'space' key is found before the 'A')
  • 3.40.0 (Update)
    • Loading UI has changed for menu
    • (^ Slower loading times added for when server is full (Approx 2.6 second wait time) ^)
    • "GTA V Camera" (page 33) adjusted for new menu opening and closing changes
  • 3.40.0 (Patch)
    • New Page added called "Player Speed"
    • Players current move speed will now be equivalent to player's current scale
    • Small appearance changes to menu
    • Pastel Colors added to the "Menu Color" and "Player Icons" page
    • some adjustments to the "Change Hero" page (when player spawns back in)
  • 3.45.0 (Update)
    • The "Kill Self" (page 11) finally has a "Resurrect Self" toggle
    • (^ cooldown was added to this page ^)
    • Page 22 for moderators had some slight changes
  • 3.45.0 (Small Patch)
    • Moderator roles now have access to Host's, Owner's, and Admin's misc. commands (non menu actions)
    • (^ Ammo increase was added to the misc commands ^)
    • Player names have been updated (for roles)

Keep a look out for new updates in the future! :)

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.45.0

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