Poly180's ♡ CHILL/KILL

Code: [AYMSM]

Current Version: 4.60.8

How To Use the Menu:

When you spawn in press your interact button
to open or close menu.

While in the menu, press jump to move foward
through the different commands, crouch to go backwards.

Also while in menu, press primary or secondary
to scroll through the options on each page

Default Map: (All maps from game mode Deathmatch)
Note: you can change to any map you prefer and to any mode.

Where I create and upload my Animation/Music projects.

Additional Music Projects.

  • 3.25.0 (Archived)
  • 3.30.0 (Archived)
  • 3.30.5 (Archived)
  • 3.33.0 (Archived)
  • 3.40.0 (Archived)
  • 3.45.0 (Archived)
  • 4.00.0 (Update)
    • New Hero "Illari" has been adapted into the workshop code
    • New Page called "Outline Color" has been added (Page 14)
    • Hero Changer (Page 13) in menu has been adapted to work with the features on Page 14
    • New maps included in list (Flashpoint)
  • 4.00.0 (Patch)
    • Older spagetti code for "Voice Mod" section of the menu (page 2) has finally been re-done entirely (Note: you will not notice much difference in game, but performance is improved)
    • Ultimate cooldown added to fix D.VA mech bug for Moderators, Admins, and Host
    • Fixed an issue with applying/removing Moderator (Menu slots at incorrect values)
  • 4.00.0 (Small Update)
    • New symbols added to "Custom Role" (page 22)
    • Order of keys for custom roles have been reorganized (letters ► numbers ► symbols ► space key)
  • 4.50.0 Beta (Major Update)
    • Teleportation (page 12) has had a full redo
    • Modes with all maps adapted: Assault, Capture the Flag, and Control (The rest will be adapted soon)
    • New colors added to Outline, Menu, and Player Icon colors lists (Dark theme)
  • 4.50.0 Beta (Update)
    • All maps from three more modes have been adapated to the new teleportation method
    • ❚ Deathmatch ❚ Escort ❚ Flashpoint ❚
  • 4.50.0 Beta (Urgent Fix)
    • Teleport menu was not showing proper area names for maps from the game mode Control
  • 4.50.0 (Update)
    • Version is no longer in beta phase
    • All maps from all enabled/supported game modes are adapted for new teleportation method
    • ❚ Assault ❚ Capture the Flag ❚ Control ❚ Deathmatch ❚ Escort ❚ Flashpoint ❚ Hybrid ❚ Push ❚
    • Warning message shows on Teleport (page 12) when running on a non-supported mode/map
  • 4.50.0 (Small Update)
    • Aimbot Toggle (page 16) now enables player info through walls
    • Some small UI updates to: ❚ Map Timer ❚ Current Target HUD Text ❚
  • 4.50.7 (Season Update)
    • Evaluated Code for Season 7
    • New Control Map "Samoa" has been adapted into the new teleportation method
  • 4.50.8 (Season Update)
    • New hero "Mauga" has been adapted into this mode
  • 4.50.8 (Urgent Fix)
    • "Invalid Options" notification fixed
    • (Mauga has been removed from workshop)
  • 4.60.8 (Small Update)
    • Fixed: Teleportation (page 12) only showed three flashpoints to teleport to in mode: Flashpoint\
  • 4.60.8 (Season Patch)
    • Mauga was added back into the workshop

Keep a look out for new updates in the future! :)

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 4.60.8

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