Crazy Hoggers - 1.0.3

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Overwatch - Crazy Hoggers (2+ players minimum) [Code: T1XRS]

Crazy Hoggers is a new FFA gamemode for Overwatch. It involves players on two teams - soldiers and roadhogs. The objective for soldiers is to run around the map and collect as many points as possible by running through the blue spheres. For roadhogs the objective is to hunt down the soldiers and abduct them. Once a soldier is abducted they can be brought back to the hoggers spawn and turned into a roadhog. The aim for the roadhogs is to convert all soldiers, and the aim of the soldiers is to collect 1000 points or survive the 10 minutes without being converted.


  • Hoggers spawn one end of the map, soldiers spawn randomly throughout the map.
  • The hoggers spawn is constant, if they die they respawn there every time.
  • Going into the hogger spawn means instant death, unless abducted by a roadhog in which case you’ll be converted to a roadhog.
  • When a soldier gets hooked, they will become abducted by the roadhog.
  • When a soldier is abducted, they will piggy back the roadhog.
  • Soldiers are competing, but teamwork is advised in order to survive against the roadhogs!
  • Roadhogs are competing, but likewise teamwork is advised.
  • The Roadhog is locked in place for 10 seconds at the start of the match to give soldiers a head start.
  • Soldiers must run around and collect spheres for points. The spheres are visible to all players including roadhogs.
  • Soldiers can rescue each other from roadhog abduction by killing the roadhog. The soldier who gets the kill will be awarded 200 points from the rescued player's score (or however many points they have up to 200). Rescuing players also prevents extra roadhogs, which will make victory more likely.
  • Roadhogs can steal captives by hooking each other. This cannot be done near to the hoggers spawn to prevent exploitation (40 meters).
  • When a roadhog has his captive stolen, he’ll be knocked down for 3 seconds.
  • A roadhog plays an electrifying sound as they get close, if you hear this sound, run!
  • Roadhogs get speed and jump boosts when they Take a Breather which can be used to quickly catch a soldier. The boost lasts for 3 seconds only, and also allows the roadhog to see all soldiers around the map during the boost duration (by making their player outlines visible).
  • Each sphere collected is worth 10 points.
  • Soldiers grow larger the higher their score. They start off 20% smaller than regular size, and end up 20% larger than regular size with 1000 score.
  • Roadhogs have been scaled up by 30% their regular size to make them big and menacing.
  • Each conversion of a player is worth 1 point to the roadhog that did the kidnapping.
  • When a soldier gets kidnapped, everyone in the map will be alerted to this with a warning icon.
  • When a player gets converted, everyone in the match will be notified via a big message.
  • Each time a soldier is converted, the remaining soldiers get a speed and damage buff to enhance their chances of survivability. This buff starts at 100% for everyone (no increase), and goes up to a maximum of 200% for the last remaining soldier (double damage and twice as quick).
  • After 10 minutes, the soldier with the highest score wins. If a soldier reaches 1000 score they win the game immediately. If no soldiers remain, the roadhog with the most conversions wins.
  • A leaderboard on the top right shows the player state for each player. Various states are shown, such as death, abduction in progress, and boosting.
  • Friendly fire is disabled, soldiers cannot hurt each other, and likewise for roadhogs apart from for stealing captives.
  • The start is set to manual. Once in the game, open up the menu with escape, and start the game with the button at the bottom of the lobby menu.
  • Crazy Hoggers is best suited to 5-10 players.
  • A perks system is implemented. As well as 10 points around the map, 1 perk will be randomly located somewhere in the game world at any time for soldiers to collect. The soldiers can see the perk at all times, whereas the roadhog cannot see the perks at all.
    • 4 different types of perk, each offering slightly different benefits.
    • Ghostly (walk through walls, unhookable) - 10 seconds
    • Jump boost (x3 jump height) - 10 seconds
    • Invisibility - 10 seconds
    • Double score gain - 30 seconds
    • Once a perk is collected, it can be activated by placing your biotic field (default ket - E)
    • Only one perk can be collected at a time, another perk cannot be collected until the previous one has been activated and fully depleted.
    • When a perk is activated, the soldier's outline will change from red to white and a progress bar will appear above their head.
    • Once a perk has been collected, the next one will spawn after 20 seconds.
    • Perks lost on death and abduction.
    • Perks cancel early on death and abduction.


  • 10 score per sphere (20 with the double score perk).
  • 1000 score to win, or 10 minutes elapsed (highest score wins).
  • 1 score per soldier conversion. Most conversions win when all soldiers are converted.


  • Orange- Associated with roadhog.
  • Blue - For soldiers and spheres.
  • White - For perks, whie outlined soldiers are using their perk.


  • Right
    • Players leaderboard/states.
  • Top
    • Boost time remaining (hoggers).
    • Perk time remaining (soldiers).
    • Captive alert message.
  • Left
    • Stored perk.


  • Set debugging to True in the workshop settings.
  • Debugging allows you to test out the gamemode.
    • Secondary-fire a soldier, then secondary-fire a roadhog to have the roadhog instantly kidnap the soldier. Secondary-fire the same dummy bot twice to destroy them.
    • Melee to instantly die.
    • Crouch to switch teams.


  • Workshop Expanse [DEBUG]
  • Ilios Lighthouse
  • Ilios Ruins


  • 1.0.0 - Unreleased (?)
  • 1.0.1 - 99HEZ (21/02/2021)
  • 1.0.2 - D9W7Q (23/02/2021)
  • 1.0.3 - T1XRS (26/02/2021)

Roadmap (development)

  • More maps
    • Ilios Well
  • Add a second check for when points are tied. If two hogs tie on points, it should award the hog with the higher stat (which one)?

Release Notes
1.0.1 (Initial release)

  • Implemented core game mode


  • Minor changes to prevent bugs, no notable improvements.


  • Fixed a bug where someone playing roadhog could abduct players when the game hasn't officially started.
  • Fixed a bug where fellow roadhogs could not see warning icons when a soldier was stolen from a roadhog.

Bugs (? = unsure/unreplicatable)

  • Need to investigate a double XP bug which prevents double XP from being gained(?)
  • Restarting a match took it back to the original map from...?
Heroes: Roadhog, Soldier: 76
Maps: Ilios
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.0.3

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