Hunted Hunters

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Welcome to Hunted Hunters! (2-5 players)

In Hunted Hunters, one person will be the assassin (Sombra), and the other 1-4 people will be hunters (Winston). The assassin has low health, and no ability apart from stealth, which has a 0% cooldown. It can not shoot, it may only use quick melee. The quick melee one-shots the hunters. To win, the assassin must collect 15 kills and the hunters must collect 6 kills.

There are restricted parts of the map, to avoid a hunter camping at a specific location to its advantage. When the assassin is not in stealth mode, it is going to heal slowly over time. There is an anti-afk system built in for the assassin, if the assassin does not move in 15 seconds they are going to fall asleep for a few seconds. If the time runs out before a side has won, it is a draw. Now, assassin, good luck with your assassination! And the hunters, good luck in stopping the outrageous stealthy assassin!

This map was created by Team Artifice (https://discord.gg/2RWatJZ)

Discord: zil#7760
Blizzard: Zil#21650
Discord: Huskii#0001
Blizzard: Hsuku#2508

Heroes: Winston, Sombra
Maps: King's Row
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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