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Don't attack chillers and have fun ♥

Features (Toggleable in settings):

  • Nameplates displayed over the players head you are looking at.
  • Healing available for most supports.
  • Communication wheel lines displayed over players heads.
  • Third-person available.
  • Quick Swap heroes.
  • Transport circles (Listed Below) to let anyone get around (and out of) the map.
  • Chill mode as a last resort / if owner is AFK.
  • Custom spawns for small maps

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Hold Interact: Toggle Chill Mode

Hold Melee: Swap Hero

Hold Reload: Toggle Third-person

Circle Color Codes:

Bold: Jump Pad

Red: Tactical Yeeting Device

Yellow: Short Teleport (Interact to use)

Blue: Warp Zone (Interact to use)

For Hosts:

  • Interact + "On my way" to teleport a short distance
  • Interact + "Group Up" to bring nearest person to crosshair to you
  • Use torbs hammer for devasting power
  • Hold Interact + Ultimate on a player to ban them from your lobby
Categories: Free for all
Tags: chill ffa
Heroes: All
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Version: 1.5.3

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