symmetra abilities trainer

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Sym training mode. there are 4 different train modes:

wall reaction - place your wall to block pharah reinhardt's ult. blocking ults gives one point and making pharah kill herself with barrage gives an extra point. dying or getting stunned will lower your score.

wall and telepoeter managment - a bot (doomfist/reaper/bastion) will chase you. try to survive by staying at the other side of the shield as long as you can (or use the teleporter).

orb practice - add bots to train your aim on them. you can add a sphere that shows a recommended area to fire the orb (projectile prediction was made by Yurodd code:KJRR5P)

turret blocking - block enemy abilities by throwing turrets at them. (available enemies: roadhog, mccree, brigitte, widowmaker.)

to start a gamemode aim at a button and use your primary fire button. you can change additional settings with the small buttons.
modes will keep running and you wont be able to start another mode until you stop the mode (or lose).

disclaimer: t-posing sigmas are not included in the game.

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Heroes: Symmetra
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