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Boss Breakout is a unique boss gamemode intended to mix up the usual 1 vs 11 format. Unlike a typical boss battle this gamemode has 3 bosses and they all start frozen. A special player called the Melter has to free them before they can attack. All of the Melter's special abilities are controlled by the frozen bosses, so teamwork is very important. When the Melter or the team dies the round is over.


Boss Breakout uses a round based elimination format. The first team to get 5 points wins. To win a round the team must eliminate the Melter. The bosses must eliminate the entire enemy team. If neither team can do this in 5 minutes both teams get a point.



The Melter is a special role introduced by this gamemode. They have the unique ability to free the bosses by walking up to a boss and holding Interact. The Melter has several special abilities, but they can only be activated by the frozen bosses. If the Melter dies at any point the round is over.


The bosses start frozen and have significantly buffed stats. They don't have to be eliminated to win and actually can't be eliminated at all. When a boss runs out of health they'll be knocked down. They can be revived at any point by healing them to full health and will self heal if left alone. Freeing the bosses is critical if the Melter wants to have any chance of eliminating the team. While frozen the bosses can activate the Melter's special abilities. The abilities share the same cooldown, but each boss has their own cooldown.

  • Heal - Heals a moderate amount of health
  • Flame Burst - Does a small amount of damage to nearby enemies and pushes them back
  • Escape Dash - Activates a movement ability very similar to Moira's Fade
  • Stun - Stuns nearby enemies
  • Escape Jump - A vertical version of the Escape Dash
  • Boss Teleport - Moves the boss to a different part of the map

Using these abilities well will give the Melter a chance to free the bosses.


The team has regular stats and must stop the Melter to win. Keeping the Melter from freeing too many bosses is very important, since they can never be completely eliminated.

Other Stuff You Might Want to Know

  • Bosses with more health take longer to melt
  • The bosses take longer to melt with each boss melted
  • The self healing when a boss is down increases over time
  • The bosses become harder to revive each time they're down
  • You can switch heroes between rounds by pressing Interact
  • The Boss gets a 50% Melter cooldown boost if they're the only boss on the team
  • Sombra's invisibility is limited to 5 seconds for the team and the Melter
  • Melter Kiriko has reduced health
  • This gamemode works best with 6 or more players and won't start with less than 4
  • This gamemode automatically allows players to switch teams if they become too uneven
  • This gamemode includes a Bot Mode setting. It removes some restrictions from melting, so the bots can play the gamemode correctly.
Players | 4 - 10
Categories: Elimination, Boss Mode
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.0

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