Hide and Seek

Seeker Role (eliminate hiders)

  • At the start of each round, seekers must wait 20 seconds for hiders to hide
  • Seekers have increased movement speed, jump height, and one-shot attacks
  • Seekers have three additional abilities: Flight, Radar, and Noclip
  • Toggle Flight by tapping Ultimate to reach high places
  • Radar will flash green when a hider is nearby
  • Noclip lets seekers walk through walls and access enemy spawn
  • If an enemy is invulnerable in their spawn room, melee to kill them
  • Killing a hider will send them to the Graveyard (seeker spawn room) until the next round

Hider Role (survive until time expires)

  • At the start of each round, hiders gain increased movement and jump height to find a hiding spot
  • Hider outlines have been disabled, making them harder to spot. They are also slightly smaller in scale
  • Hiders have two additional abilities: Lie Down and Change Camera
  • Toggle Lie Down by tapping Ultimate. This makes the hider harder to spot, but stuns them
  • While Lie Down is active, tap Primary or Secondary Fire to rotate your camera
  • Toggle Change Camera by tapping Interact. This lets you see in third person and peek around corners
  • Hiders who are killed are sent to the Graveyard and must wait until the round ends to hide again

General Notes

  • This mode is Skirmish, so hiders and seekers can join and leave without interrupting game flow
  • If either team has zero players on it, the game and team scores will reset
  • When either team reaches 3 score, they'll be declared the winner and a new map will be chosen
  • Values such as hide time and player size can be modified in the workshop panel
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: All
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