Distance and Location Finder by Barcode#12339

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

This tool exists to help find distances and vector positions which can help if you're trying to figure out if distances for weapon fall off or if you need to preplace things on a map, but need to know the location vector to use to get something where you want.

[Aim to Inspect]
As you look around, the HUD on the left will update in real time with your current in-world position vector, the position vector of the place a hitscan weapon would connect with based on where you're looking, and the distance between you and that location.

[Shoot to Measure]
Using Primary Fire will place an orb on the map where you're looking as well as automatically update your distance to from that location as you walk around. Currently, up to six of these can be placed at any given time.

[Crouch to Bubble]
Pressing Crouch will place a sphere on the map the size of a Winston bubble. You may find this helpful when planning where objectives in your game will go.

[Ultimate to Cycle Menu]
Tapping ultimate will cycle through the menu options. Use the Interact key to indicate your selection.

[Menu: Destroy objects]
Remove the in-world orbs and bubbles and allow you to place new ones.

[Menu: Become measured player]
Red orbs display their distance from the indicated player, use this to become the player being measured.

[Menu: Toggle distance and vectors]
Have orbs display their in-world vector locations instead of distance values.

[Menu: Toggle object placement]
Disable/enable your personal ability to place orbs and bubbles. Helpful when doing test fights.

[Menu: Toggle aim preview]
Disable/enable the yellow targeting indicator. Helpful when very close to walls.

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