Aim-parkour (for 12 people)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.


It's still the same hard mode

players now 12)...

Reworked sphere system, unfortunately removed hanzo

About mode

In this game mode, you need to break the spheres that appear during parkour (by shooting or using the abilities of the heroes). There is also a limited time for breaking a sphere (red timer at the top of the screen) and the number of spheres is not limited (the number of spheres is indicated at the top left above the white timer)

Each hero has its own little characteristics

Genji, after destroying the sphere, can turn into Lucio for 3 seconds while holding an alternative fire mode

Turning into lúcio on the run button (shift), after lúcio can turn into a hamster while holding 2 abilities

Detailed information


Appear immediately after the player moves away from the point
Break from any damage, be it basic attacks, abilities or melee attacks

Number of spheres to take a checkpoint

You cannot take a checkpoint without breaking all the spheres, also at each checkpoint the number of spheres can be different (The number of spheres is indicated above the white timer 0/3, etc., changes at each checkpoint)

Time to destroy

Different for each sphere

Turning into Lucio

During the transformation, you can safely use the wall ride

After the transformation, absolutely all cooldowns disappear from you (Even such as wall climb and 2 jump, bhop also works)

///True for the soldier in the case of the hamster///

Auxiliary commands

See all commands (hold crouch + reload keys for 2 seconds (you need to be on a point))

Categories: Parkour
Heroes: Genji, Soldier: 76
Maps: King's Row
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