Ultra's Low-Grav + High-Speed Hide and Seek

When Custom Games were introduced into Overwatch, one of the first popular custom game modes was Hide and Seek. It was one of the first custom game modes I played, and I enjoyed the game mode so much, I started hosting my own version of the game. Over the years, I worked and perfected my own, faster-paced version of the game, and then when Workshop was added to the game, I spent hours adding features and quality-of-life additions to the game mode meant for me the host of the game. These days, I don't host much anymore, so I thought I'd release my vision to the world so perhaps someone could appreciation what I had accomplished.

This is Low-Grav + High-Speed Hide and Seek.

Like most H&S game modes, the concept is rather simple. You have two teams, one team of 7 Hiders, one team of 5 Seekers. The Seekers wait in spawn for 15 seconds while Hiders find a spot or get into position, and then after those initial 15 seconds are up, the Seekers are allowed to leave spawn. From then on, it's up to the Hiders to survive however possible. Hide, run, and maybe with some teamwork you could get an environmental on the Seekers, but I've yet to see such gameplay in my years hosting. If there are no remaining Hiders, Seekers win. If all of the Seekers somehow manage to die, Hiders win. If the round's time runs out, and there are any Hiders still remaining, Hiders win. Simple.

Unlike other H&S game modes I know of (although personally I haven't played many besides my own), I have instituted a system whereby whatever team wins a round, the heroes used by that team that round are no longer playable by that team for the remainder of the game. This prevents the use of the same heroes by that team every round.

This game mode supports the traditional Elimination gamemode Hide and Seek, as well as the ability to play on Skirmish maps.

A couple rules for fair games: hiders should not ruin hiders spots (I've done my best to make it difficult to do so) and seekers should not help seekers if they are dead (i.e. they can't tell seekers they are spectating what they see on their screen). These rules aren't programmed into the game mode obviously, but as a game host, it'd be a good practice to try to get everyone to follow them.

HUD and Controls

I've tried to make sure HUD elements are as distinct and visible as possible.

On the left, there's a nice "Time Remaining" HUD element, showing the remaining time in a round in seconds. Below that, in either green (for Hiders) or red (for Seekers) is just a HUD element stating which team you are on.

In the center, for Elimination maps you have your usual HUD at the top, but for Skirmish I have recreated a simplier text-based version of that HUD, with score at the top, and below that the number of players alive on each team. Below either version of the center HUD, a count-down timer will appear stating time remaining until Seekers can leave spawn.

Finally, on the right, for the host, there are some server load statistics (current - highest - average), and for everyone a list of additional controls: holding the crouch button will accelerate you downward (just like in the last Lucioball event, although I had the idea before Blizzard added it to LB :) ), melee + interact will display those "rules" I mentioned earlier, and for Seekers in specific, melee + reload will teleport you to the nearest walkable position, handy if you want to hit the ground instantaneously or if you accidently fall off the map.

Occasional helpful messages will appear on the screen.

In the case of Skirmish maps, to start the game as host, you'll need to hit your ultimate, reload, primary, and secondary all at the same time. A HUD element will appear when you first spawn in telling you as much, disappear once you successfully do so, and reappear again once the game is complete, allowing you to start another game if you so desire.

Unique Features for Certain Heroes

For some heroes, I have added some unique features upon request or to balance them better.

For D.va, as Hider, pressing ability 2 (i.e. Micro Missles) will demech you, if you prefer to hide as Baby D.va, and as Seeker, primary fire will fire your Micro Missles. For Doomfist and Reaper, as Hider, your Meteor Strike and Wraith Step respectively will make you "phased out" and invisible for a short peiod of time. Finally, for Moira, as Seeker, ability 2 (Biotic Orb) will automatically send out a damage orb.

Gameplay Tips and Other Thoughts

After hosting my own game mode for years at this point, I thought I could share a few tips.

I have not been able to add a feature that auto-assigns players to teams (Hiders first, then Seekers). So, as host, you'll have your work cut out for you when new people join.

Bliizard World and Hollywood are bugged - the forced spawns do not always work. Cycling between the different version of the map or different maps might randomly resolve issue temporarily, though. Be aware when attempting to play on those maps.

No, 5 Seekers on most maps is not too many. Can't tell you the number of games I have won on the Hiders side by myself against 5 Seekers, and vice-versa. Only on the smaller maps does it become somewhat of a concern, although artificially handicapping Seekers to, say, Hanzo primary-fire only is a good way to even the odds a bit.

Flying is bad for your health as Hider. If possible, don't stay in the air longer than you need to, lest you get shot down by a Seeker from across the map.

A healthy usage of your jump and crouch is good to use as a Hider running away from a Seeker. Hitting a Soldier: 76 in the actual game of Overwatch is hard enough, but what about one running at 175% movement speed, and constantly jumping up and immediatly falling down? :)

Find spots in high places. Verticality is your friend. There are plenty of invisible ledges that you can find throughout the various maps this game has to offer, as well as plenty of rooftops you can float on for the duration of a round. No other hero does this best than Wrecking Ball. Hence, my "golden tip" for my game is "Look up." Same holds true for the opposite - look down!

Find objects (bushes, boxes, barrles, corners, etc.) that you can sit in or behind of. They are great for concealing your presence, although they are the most obvious places to check more often than not.

It is possible to win the round for your team as Hider as a Tank, although the chances are not in your favor.

There are some... "broken" ults that Seekers have at their disposal, but they are one-time use, and like in the actual game in Overwatch have a certain range to them, so don't fret. They are there to counter the cheese that is Lucio/Tracer. :)

There is one super-broken spot inside of the rocks on the side of the map of Ilios Well that any hero can get to, but is only most-easily maintainable by non-Tank heroes. The only way for Seekers to kill Hiders there is to enter said rocks themselves to melee/shoot them. The rocks act as a wall, so attempting to shoot/ult Hiders inside the rock from the outside will not work. Very OP spot. Use it to bully new Seekers on that map. :)

Finally, if you can do something in this game mode of mine, then you are allowed to. You can shoot from spawn as Seeker while you are forced to stay in spawn, for example. Thus, as Hider, it's not recommended you hit up their spawn while Seekers are there waiting in it.


If you have any suggestions or notice any bugs, let me know!

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