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Build your own navigation network for your dummy bots. Compile the project into 3 vars: NodePositions, NodeConnections, DistanceMatrix. Copy them and paste in "MAP" rule. Then copy all rules and subroutines from EXPORT BLOCK and that all! You can use it in your PvE mods!

  • Build mode: allows to create of new nodes and compile/build project;
  • Edit mode: allows to connect nodes and delete selected nodes;
  • Path Finding: allows testing compiled navigation with a bot or with beam effects from the start node to the end. Also, you can boop bot to test his pathfinding in real-time.

Created by HuKuTa94#2589

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Current version | 0.72


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Update Log (3)

  • Optimized Inspector recording while the project is compiling
  • Improved AI navigation and control system


  • Improved AI pathfinding
  • Increased count of effects
  • Reworked Path Finding mode. Now you can select any positions to test. Bot finds the closest node to him and to target then it begins follow the path
  • By default you are spawned as Zenyatta (no weapon, it provides a clear screen)
  • Reduced count of subroutines for bots in "export block"
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