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The classic Bastion Escape 2 experience, but revamped for Overwatch 2.

Work together to sneak past the Bastion prison guards and reach the end of the map to escape as every hero, each time a little harder. AKA Prison Escape or CCTV.

OW2 Fixes:

  • Bastion stays in Configuration: Assault. When no enemies are in sight, he'll periodically leave and reenter so he can sustain fire on players for a full 6 seconds.
  • Support for the full roster of heroes, with automatic inclusion of newly released heroes. If a new hero is released and I don't get around to adding them to the hero progression list, they will still automatically be added as the second hero in the progression list.
  • Support for temporary hero removal as we've seen happen to Mei, Torb, and Bastion. In the event Blizz has removed a hero from custom games, that hero will just be skipped and the game mode will still function.

Quality of Life changes:

  • Players pick up speed when out of sight of enemy bastions for 3 seconds. This makes taking the safer route less tedious for low-mobility heroes.
  • Hero change can now also be performed by using the spawn hero menu rather than the purple ring.
  • You can reset progress at any point in the red ring.
  • Bastion position is now locked in place using the Start Forcing Player Position rule. No more Mei walls repositioning him and ruining the fun for everyone.
  • Players respawn in 2 seconds unless a nearby Mercy might use Resurrect, in which case they take 7.
  • Symmetra's teleporter destroys itself more reliably: 2 seconds after it is placed or 0.5 seconds after she goes through.
  • D.Va has invincibility for a brief moment when she demechs. She also has to walk less far to charge Call Mech: 30 meters away from where she demeched rather than 50.
  • Players who die five times on the same hero are offered the chance to skip the hero. This was in the original Bastion Escape 2, but it was set at 20(!!!) deaths.
  • Deaths and skips are counted per run and saved to the server.
  • Re-ordered the hero list so that new players can more easily learn the safe routes (Sombra, Tracer, Reaper, Symmetra, Moira, Doomfist, Genji... -> Sombra, Ramattra, Reaper, Moira, Kiriko, Sigma, Genji, Orisa...)
  • Ana's sleep dart is on a 10 second cooldown and enemies always sleep for the full 5 seconds, but to prevent players from spamming one area, there's a limit. Ana can only sleep each Bastion once per 30 seconds. There are UI elements to indicate this.
  • Zenyatta has enhanced movement abilities: Snap Kick also pushes off of surfaces and he can levitate for three seconds after jumping like in that one experimental patch.

Tower escape mod made by: WOBBLYOW#2981, NOTBANANA#21520 and PIRATEBOOT#2133.
Hanamura made by: REYDI#21629 (not in current version though)
Blizzard World, Eichenwalde, Hollywood, Junkertown, Paris, Temple of Anubis by DATZENYAT#2990.
Bastion Escape 2 by EfeDursun125#2815
OW2 Bastion Escape by BearWhoLived#1783


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Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Parkour, PvE
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 31 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2.1



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