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Just for fun.


  • Vampire: Damage dealt heals you
  • Respawn where you died: Respawns where you died


Sleep: Sleeps herself
Ultimate: For ally and herself
Secondary fire: No movent penalty

Coach Gun: Has less gravatiy
Dynemite: Frezes enemies
Secondary fire: No movent penalty

Exo Boots: Gets smaller
Secondary Fire: Goes down

Configuration: Sentry: Gets smaller when entering
Ultimate: Gets Bigger

Shield Bash: Goes further
Ultimate: Moves way faster

Defense Matrix: Gets bigger for duration
Boosters: Goes faster for duration

Seismic Slam: Gravtiy is redused
Rocket Punch: Moves faster

Flight: Moves faster
Beam: Goes forward for a sec

Deflect: Now last 0.5 sec
Dash: Less gravatiy

Strom Arrows: Gets 50 shields
Ult: Cant aim

Riptire: Tire goes faster
Primary Fire: Goes forward

Boop: Knockback incresed
Ult: Flyes into the air

Ultimate: Slow motion and goes fast
Fan The Hammer: Aim speed increased

Cryo-Freeze: Gets bigger
Primary Fire: Instaly frezes

Resurrect: Gets smaller
Ultimate: Flyes faster

Ultimate: Faster and bigger
Fade: Goes slower

Fortify: Moves faster and deals more damage
General: Falls down instanly

Passive: Goes faster in air

Ultimate: Gets bigger
Wraith: Can fly

Barier: Smaler
Charge: Almost hitscan

Chain Hook: Deals around 300 damage

Ultimate: Slow motion and goes fast

Passive: Moves faster
Primary Fire: Now Only has 7 bullets but they do 28.5 - 57

Stealth: Hacked

Primary Fire: Moves faster

Overload: Gets bigger and faster

Recall: Slow motion

Grappel: Low gravatiy
Ultimate: Everyone can see her trough walls
Secondary fire: No movent penalty

Shield: Smaller

Ultimate: Flys up

Ultimate: Low gravity for all

Jump: Flyes
Discord Orb: Cant put it on a other target if the victem is alive or in or los

Players | 1 - 12
Tags: troll fun
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.12.3

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