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This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Since there’s a new code finder thingy in Overwatch PTR and I don’t think this code will transfer so I’ll be planning on Remastering this Game mode if I can. (Basically try to add new things and also remove some old things since I find stuff like Round 6 obnoxious)

Ow has been really boring for me lately which is why I haven’t done anything

Please leave a review so I can see if a boss is too stale or too op.(Round 1-3 is supposed to be stale) I definitely know that Expert Mode and Death Mode is a pain but that's their purpose. Good luck to you heroes.

Round Base Pve Rpg Boss fights
[1-6 Players]
Fight through all 10 rounds consisting some of the easiest bosses to some of the difficult bosses depending on what your difficulty is set on.
Once your team dies on no lives, game is over.
Upgrade yourself through healing, hp/defense, and damage. While introducing perks which definitely changes the way you play. Some cool perks like Luck in the Chamber, Every hit has a chance of staggering the enemy which is a game changer especially when you max out the level of the perk. Please report any bugs if you find any or server crashes.
Made by:
Discord: Louisetheprincess#2647
Xbox: PrincesssLui

Endurance (Top right bar)
Endurance is the main source of high dps, it slowly charges up overtime but if you taken damage, it will reset causing it to restart the process. Although there are perks to help with this like Enhanced Endurance to cut 10 seconds off

Perks in this mode have unique abilities and can help you in your favor during a fight. All perks start at Level 1 and the max is Level 10. By upgrading your perk, you're making the perk more powerful than before. When you reach the max, you will gain a special Buff (This applies to all perks).
Luck in the Chamber:
-has a chance of staggering the enemy
Upgrading luck in the chamber increases your chances
-Lv 10 modifier: When the enemy is staggered, the enemy takes 2x damage from your whole team
Dying Wish:
-when at 1 hp, you will be invincible for a short time
Upgrading dying wish increases the duration
-Lv 10 modifier: when dying wish is active, you're phased out and start healing over time
Phase Defense:
-When taking damage, you will be phased for a small time
Upgrading phase defense increases your duration of phase
-Lv 10 modifier: every hit heals you for 10 (mostly useful for bosses like dva that have damage fall off)
Enhanced Endurance:
-Decreases the time to achieve max endurance
Upgrading enhanced endurance gives a small boost when you deal damage every 5 seconds
-Lv 10 modifier: when activating endurance, your teammates will receive a 5+ boost to their endurance
Warrior's medal:
-Chance to land criticals, making the enemy take 3x damage from you only (this only applies to melee heroes like brigitte)
Upgrading increases the chances of landing a critical
-Lv 10 modifier: every hit heals you for 10
Mercy's device:
-Be able to resurrect anyone that is in your ring (radius) by holding interact
Upgrading Mercy's device increases the radius of the ring
-Lv 10 modifier: You're able to resurrect yourself and people near you.

Diffculties in Details

Expert Mode Changes:
Team Based:
50% less healing
5 Lives

Round based:
Wildhog: Pulls out ultimate when boss health reaches 35%
Servant of Torb: Getting too close to her causes her to charge with a shield bash then a whip. Although it can be countered.
Torb the Molten Master: Torb sends his foes back every hammer hit.
King Hammond: When below 50% HP, King hammond becomes harder to dodge because of speed
Queen Dva: Queen Dva has a new attack after her fire attack, although it is weak but it will prove a challenge in Death Mode
343 Guilty Spark: As he gets lowered on his health, a new phase is here.
Genji Shimada: Every attack that includes him using his blade or when enraged (Nano), it will cause a stun to his enemies. During phase 1, if Genji manages to hit with the attacks, he will counterattack
Alpha Null Sector: Echo summons a fusion blade after her Targeted sights attack that will cause her enemies to burn when hit.
Last Crusader: Rein Has a new attack that is slightly hard to dodge and his Shatter has a quicker time, meaning it'll be harder to react.
OR14-NS Enhanced: During Phase 3, OR14-NU Unit is summoned and if not dealt with, the unit becomes unkillable and expands the solar energy in the arena. Also due to Echo making a reboot, she gains her Fusion Blade attack with burn.

Death Mode Changes:
Team Based:
Same as expert
1 life
Arena height is reduced

Round Based:
Wildhog: Hooks enemies too close and Enrages after ulting, dealing insane amount of damage (capable of 1 shot)
Servant of Torb: Brig's phase 2 is 1 second off
Torb the Molten Master: Same as Expert
King Hammond: Same as expert but most heroes can be one shotted if the piledriver is direct
Queen Dva: All attacks are a instant kill
343 Guilty Spark: Same as expert
Genji Shimada: Same as expert
Alpha Null Sector: Echo's fusion blade now instant kills
Last Crusader: Rein's charge is supersonic
OR14-NS Enhanced: OR14-NU Will now instant kill instead of burning which is dangerous. Also Echo gets her Instant kill fusion blade again.

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Boss Mode, PvE
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.3

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