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i forgot to sleep.

the rest of this post is just going to explain everything.

essentially it's just 5v5 overwatch (1 tank but i didn't actually add the ow2 role passives.. or anything else from ow2 actually..) except each hero is able to choose from 2 talents when they spawn or swap heroes. (the swap heroes part kinda doesn't allow players to be punished for choosing the wrong talent but if i were to remove that part then i'd have to remove hero swapping as a whole which wouldn't be the most fun thing in the world.)

The only universal mechanic outside of talents added is a combat detector. Essentially when using most abilities, primary/secondary fires, meleeing, or receiving damage, your hero enters combat for 3 seconds. This mechanic is used in a few talents.

A lot of the additional functionality I had planned for these had to be removed due to limitations (Originally, Symmetra's second talent would've theoretically made her an extremely lethal hypermobile assassin instead of what it is now, torbjorn's first talent had many supportive qualities, as did Roadhog's first talent. Hell, Bastion was supposed to be able to walk during sentry mode ;D;), sorry.

Reminder that literally all of these changes are for fun, however if you'd like to respectfully request that something be changed after experimenting, go ahead, I'll be listening.



(APM}: Defense Matrix drains 50% slower and has its cooldown removed.

(Macro Missles}: Micro Missles deal 15% bonus damage against targets below 50% health. Additionally, their cooldown is reduced by 25%.


(Gallop}: Out of Combat movement speed is increased by 50%.

(Resilience}: Fortify's damage reduction is increased from 40% to 60%, however, you suffer a 50% moverment speed penalty during the ability's use.


(Balderich's Stand}: Upon the destruction of your Barrier Field, gain rapidly decaying armor equal to 100% of your max health, as well as 100% decaying movement speed. (both decaying over 5 seconds)

(Fissure}: Earthshatter's charge rate is increased by 40%, however, it no longer knocks down enemies. It, instead, silences them and applies an 80% slow, both decaying over 2 seconds.


(Line and Sinker}: Deal 15% of your chain hook target's current health upon damaging them with it.

(Thick Fat}: Receive 80% reduced damage above 400 health.


(Flexibility}: Experimental Barrier cooldown reduced to 0.5s. Upon recalling the barrier, gain 100% movement speed decaying over 1 second.

(What Comes Up..}: Gravitic Flux snares enemies for 1.5s after they are dropped.


(ATHENA}: Athena marks enemies that have been recently damaged by your Tesla Cannon (marks expire after 3s). Allies can attack marked enemies to consume the mark and deal 15% current health damage. Once a mark is consumed, that target is unable to receive marks for the following 3s.

(Rampage}: Upon activating Primal Rage, all enemies within 10m of Winston are feared for 3s. (Silenced, decreased movement speed, and unable to control movement or facing direction.)

Wrecking Ball

(Bowling Ball}: During Roll, Wrecking Ball is unable to receive knockback.

(Bullethell}: Attempting to fire during Roll will prompt you to fire at all enemies within 7m of you.


(I've Got You!) Casting Projected Barrier grants that ally 50% increased movement speed and 100 health over 2s.

(Toblestein) Enemies caught within Graviton Surge are silenced.



(Bullseye}: Hitting a scoped shot increases the damage of any consecutive scoped shots by 15 (max. 30). This effect expires after 2.5s of not hitting a shot.

(Molotov}: Enemies damaged by Dynamite receive 30% decreased movement speed. (lingering for 1s)


(Deflector Shields}: Bastion gains 100 bonus shield health that refreshes while out of combat.

(Triple Threat}: Configuration: Tank now operates on a 12s cooldown. Tank shells deal 140 damage as opposed to 205.


(The Best Offense...}: Deal 30% of your shield health as bonus damage upon deal damage with an ability.

(Combo Breaker}: Dealing damage with an ability grants Doomfist 1 ammo. Additionally, Hand Cannons deal 50% bonus damage.


(Focus With Me!}: Focusing Beam deals 100% bonus damage to target's above 50% health. Additionally, its cooldown is increased by 88%.

(Imposter}: Duplicate's charge rate is increased by 75%, however, only duplicate the ultimate of your target.


(Cutting Through Silk}: Primary fire removed and replaced with Secondary Fire. Secondary Fire deals 75% bonus damage, however, its recovery is increased from .68s to .75s, and its projectile speed is lowered by 20%.

(The Dragon's Fury}: Primary and Secondary Fires removed and replaced with Dragonblade. Swings deal 25% reduced damage. Additionally, gain 25 permanent armor. Bonus movement speed during Dragonblade is removed.


(Shockwave}: Slow enemies for 15% upon hitting them with Storm Arrows. (max. 45)

(Pounce}: After using Lunge, deal 50% bonus damage for 2 seconds. Eliminations reset the cooldown of Lunge.


(Let 'Er Rip!}: Riptire's movement speed increased by 20%, and its charge rate is increased by 15%.

(Haywire}: Frag Launcher deals 20% bonus damage to targets below 50% health.


(Gunslingin'}: Reduce the cooldown of Combat Roll by 1s for each successful headshot.

(Best Shot}: Movement Penalty during Deadeye removed, additionally, gain 25% damage reduction during the ability's cast.


(Avalanche}: Activating Cryofreeze mid-air allows Mei to slam down after .5s, snaring enemies within 7m for 1.5s (and dealing 25 damage.)

(Frostbite}: Frozen enemies receive 25% bonus damage from all ally sources.


(Jet Engine}: 30% of the damage you deal is converted into Fuel.

(Rocket Queen}: Barrage is replaced with a single, high damage Rocket that explodes in a 15m radius.


(The Reaping}: During Wraith, deal 40dp/s per player within 7 meters of you to enemies within that radius. Additionally, heal for 30hp/s per player within the aforementioned radius.

(Soul Globes}: Fallen enemies drop Soul Globes that gravitate to Reaper when he is within 10m of them. These globes grant him 25 bonus health (up to a cap of 150), and persist until death.

Soldier: 76

(Stabilized}: Healing increased to 60hp/s.

(Pinpoint}: Deal 15% bonus damage during Tactical Visor, as well as increase its charge rate by 20%.


(Here I am!}: When exiting Stealth, gain 30% bonus damage for 2s.

(Hack The Planet}: Hack's cast time on enemies is instant, but its duration is halved. (2.5s)


(Photon Obliterator}: Gain 25 shield health and receive a 20% movement penalty while firing Photon Projector's Primary Fire, however, Photon Projector's Primary Fire deals 50% bonus damage.

(Thinking With Portals}: Teleporter duration reduced to 4 seconds, cooldown reduced to 6 seconds, and cooldown starts on deployment.


(Premiere Engineer}: Deploy Turret cooldown reduced by 50%.

(Smolderin'}: Molten Core charges 15% faster and deals 20% bonus damage.


(Woah!}: Earning an elimination refunds all charges of Blink.

(Wham!}: Quick Melee deals 250% damage.


(Smokescreen}: Venom Mine becomes a linear projectile that erupts into a 5m radius smoke cloud upon hitting a surface that damages and slows enemies while rendering Windowmaker invisible.

(Trickshot}: Deal 50% bonus damage with scoped shots while at least 4m above the ground.



(Potency}: Dealing damage with Biotic Grenade applies a 45% slow decaying over 2 seconds.

(Bedtime, Habibti}: Sleep Dart puts enemies to sleep for 8 seconds, however, during their slumber they are unable to receive damage. (they can't wake up)


(All Better}: Healing allies increases their healing received by 25% for 1.5s.

(This is Going to String}: Amplification Matrix's charge rate increased by 50%.


(Got'cha!}: Whipshot no longer deals knockback, but instead applies a 99% slow to the victim for 2 seconds. Cooldown increased by 100%.

(Folj Mig!}: Activating Inspire heals allies for an additional 27 health.


(BOOP!}: Soundwave deals 50 bonus damage when using during Amp it Up.

(Sinistro!}: Deal damage with Sonic Amplifier lowers the cooldown of Amp it Up by .25s.


(Guardian}: Gain 150 shields during the cast of Resurrect (immediately dissipate upon the end of the cast, including when suffering crowd control effects.

(Amplifying Biotic Stream}: Valkyrie charges 20% faster, the Caduceus Staff's primary fire deals 80 healing/s for the duration of Valkyrie.


(My Will}: Biotic Graps's Sencondary Fire applies a 25% slow to its victim, as well as dealing 50% bonus damage.

(Siphon} Healing received from Biotic Graps's Secondary Fire increased from 24 hp/s to 35 hp/s. Primary Fire resource regeneration rate increased by 50%.


(Chaos}: Orb of Discord only lasts 2 seconds, however, it slows its victim for 30% and increases their damage received by 40%.

(In Tandem}: Orb of Harmony only lasts 2 seconds, however, it grants allies 50% bonus movemenet speed and 150 health over its duration.

that's all. I spent way too long making this.

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 1.2

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