G.E.N.T.S VS The Overpowered Ladies [Beta]


Core concept
The game is played on Ilios stage 3. A team of multiple G.E.N.T.S (max team size to be decided). will face off against the Overpowered Ladies. G.E.N.T.S. can choose from male heroes, while the Ladies (max team size 1) can choose from a wide array of reworked female heroes (description of heroes further down). Once the player on the Ladies team has chosen a hero and the round starts, the player will be locked to that hero for the round. When the round ends the selected hero will become unavailable and the player needs to choose a new hero.

To compensate for the fact that it is a “1 vs X” fight, the Overpowered Ladies have not only vastly improved stats, such as health and damage, but also reworked mechanics to make them a tough adversary for the G.E.N.T.S.

Basic mechanics
All Ladies grow in size when certain conditions are met. The conditions are unique to each hero. Growing in size grants them increased damage reduction (up to 70%) and new abilities the more they grow. Max size is 5 times the normal character size.

General ability - Trample
When a certain size threshold is reached the hero will begin to trample heroes that are directly underneath the character (or in very close proximity). Trample damage increases with size and is very deadly at 4x the size.

General ability - Impact (melee)
When the hero reaches max size it gains an ability that is triggered on melee damage (10 second cooldown). It deals high amounts of damage and knocks everyone within distance of the impacted player back with great force.

Hero descriptions
I'm constantly working on tuning the heroes, so everything is subject to change.

Mercy - Battle Angel
900health / 100 armor
Starts at 150% the normal size and has a very easy growth condition, making her grow very fast compared to other heroes. She needs to continuously deal pistol damage in order to empower her melee, which will be essential as she grows larger.
Grows on kill (2.5%)
Jumps very high, and deals increased damage while gliding.
Gun is instantly reloaded on kill
Heals on 15hp on headshot
Dealing pistol empowers the next melee attack.
300 damage = 0.8 sec stun (area stun if 2.75 times normal size) + 40 extra damage
600+ damage = deals extra AoE damage based on the amount of pistol damage dealt.
Mercy’s ultimate forces the fight to the capture point as it deals damage to any enemy player over time that is not on the capture point while granting Mercy heals and armour over time while on the capture point (20 second duration).

Ashe - Infernal Huntress
Excels at dishing out single target damage at mid range, and is easily overwhelmed early on. While the hero is “on fire” the hero is granted an aura that applies a burning dot (50 damage over 5 seconds) to all nearby players (radius increases with size).
Rifle damage follows the normal damage formula but also adds a bonus 50 damage + a 50 damage over 5 second burn to all successful shots.
Max ammo is reduced to 4.
Heals 60 hp on headshot (90 if aim down sights).
If crouched and aim down sights are used simultaneously the hero becomes stationary and deals double damage. Releasing either crouch or aim down sights restores movement speed gradually over 0.5 seconds.
Ashe grows 2% every second that 3 or more players are burning.
Ashe regenerates health while players are burning (stronger regeneration per burning enemy)
Ashe’s ultimate is reworked. Upon activation a 3 second timer is set. When the timer reaches 0 all burning players will become stunned and damaged (10 damage per hero affected). Any hero that is burning on activation will continue to burn until the timer reaches 0 (even though the dot would have otherwise expired).

Sombra - S1ze Thi3f
1000 health
Can deal lots of damage with her gun alone (180% damage, 180 bullets). But her main objective is to hack as many players as possible, as this will both shrink the player (practically resulting in a free kill).
When hacking an enemy it is shrunk to a miniscule size (1/20th), and sombra grows 3%.
Shrunk heroes have their abilities disabled and they deal 10% of their original damage, and moves at a slower pace. They are shrunk for 60 seconds. If Sombra walks over them, they are instantly killed, healing Sombra by a small amount and giving her 7.5% ultimate charge. If the shrunken player survives the 60 seconds it gains 100% ultimate charge.
Hack has a very short cooldown.
Ultimate will hack and shrink every player in a wide area.
Stealth is disabled.

Ana - Master shrinker
1000 health
Ana has a low AOE damage potential, making it hard to get a foothold of the capture point should she miss her shots (which gets increasingly difficult to hit as the players shrink). To make up for that; any damage she deals with her rifle or abilities will shrink her targets. Should the size relation between Ana and the shrunken player reach a certain threshold Ana will trample that player dealing damage (or eventually instantly kill if the ratio is too big)
Rifle hits shrinks her target with 20% over 0.6 seconds.
Sleep dart and Melee sleep shrinks by 40% over the 5 second duration of the sleep (but may be interrupted by damage).
Biotic grenade shrinks by 20% over 4 seconds.
Shrunken players become less effective. Dealing less damage, healing, moves slower, and has less maximum health, based on how much they have been shrunk.
Ana’s melee will sleep a target for 5 seconds (10 second cooldown).
Sleep dart is on 6 second cooldown.
Ana’s Ultimate instantly reloads her rifle. Grants 50% increased damage, 50% increased damage reduction, 50% increased effectiveness of shrink.
Rifle hits heals Ana 30hp over 0.6 seconds.
Every 10 Rifle hits Ana grows 10%, Sleep dart hits grants “2 hits”.

D.Va - Superbunny
450 health / 150 armor (starts the round with a 400 non replenishable health pool for a total of 1000hp).
D.Va grows stronger the longer she remains in combat. As long as she has dealt damage with her pistol every 5 second interval, her damage will increase by 30% for every interval up to 250%. The buff runs out after 5 seconds of not dealing damage.
Her pistol damage has a 20% chance of also hitting 2 nearby players, this event is called “Split shot”.
Her pistol damage has a 20% chance of leeching. Healing 15hp on a bodyshot or 40hp on a headshot. If at maximum health D.va. gains 40 non replenishable health per head shot up to a maximum of 1000 total hp.
D.Va gains ultimate charge quickly, and has 3 different abilities “ultimates” that consume the ultimate charge.

  • Secondary fire - 30 second buff “100% Split shot”, all shots deal split shot. (Grow 5%)
  • Ability 2 - 30 second buff “100% Leech” (Grow 5%).
  • Ultimate - Growth spurt (Grow 20%). Creates a shockwave that knocks enemies in an area back and knocks them down for a short duration, deals moderate amounts of damage. Also grants 200 non replenishable health.

Jumps very high and gains extra momentum (leaping) in the direction of your movement.
Can shoot sticky bombs while jumping.

Brigitte - Titaness
700hp / 200 armor + (1000hp barrier)
A badass brawler that deals huge melee damage. Her kills will mainly come from whipshot that will be the most reliable finisher with a very short cooldown (2 seconds).
Has a “leap” ability. By jumping while her shield is up she will leap forward stunning and dealing damage to enemies in an area where she lands (effect is greater closer to the epicenter).
If whipshot hit doesn’t kill the enemy, the next whipshot deals 20% increased damage. This buff keeps increasing the damage for each whipshot hit that doesn’t kill the enemy. If you deal the final blow with whipshot the damage increase is reset.
Grows 4% for every whipshot kill, and gains 50 non replenishable armor.
Inspire buff deals reduced healing at lower size (6hps), but increases in effectiveness as Brigitte grows bigger (12hps at 4 times normal size).
Melee damage increases slightly as she grows (15% if above 4 times normal size).
Rally provides a massive temporary armor gain over 10 seconds.

Tracer - Speed demon
Deals nasty single target damage (175% increased damage, 60 ammo clip size).
The more damage she deals she will apply a buff to her next melee attack in stages.
Stage 1: 600 damage - Apply a 3 second stun + 25 extra damage + gain 25% ult charge (grow 3%)
Stage 2: 1200 damage - Apply a 3 second stun + 50 extra damage + gain 50% ult charge (grow 6%)
Stage 3: 2400 damage - Apply a 3 second aoe stun + 75 extra damage + gain 100% ult charge (grow 12%)
Grow 1% per each pulse bomb kill.
Blink recovers at a faster rate. Using blink will heal 10% of max health.
Rewind is on a 60 second cooldown.
Gains additional movement speed as she grows.
Gains additional health as she grows to certain thresholds. 50 extra at 150%, 50 extra at 200%, 100 extra at 300% and 150 extra at 400%. She has 750 health at 4 times the normal size.

Widowmaker - Femme Fatale
Excels at long to mid range fights. If you can land headshots you're pretty much unstoppable. Though since it's a king of the hill type game your point presense is needed for the point capture and you can get easily swarmed in close range unless you've marked enough targets for easy Melee finishers.
200% damage - clip size 100.
Grappling hook is on a 4 second cooldown.
Scoped headshots instantly kills (No matter the charge).
Grows on scoped headshots (4%) + Heals significantly.
Grows on scoped kills (1.5%) + Heals a small amount.
Venom mine shrinks enemy players.
Rifle damage marks target. (1 scoped hit or 5 unscoped hits).
Marks appear over the head of the marked target that disappear on death or after 30 seconds.
Melee damage is significantly increased against marked targets.
During ultimate any scoped kills result in an explosion dealing significant damage and knocks nearby people back.

Mei - Lich Queen
Has a low damage output but can be especially lethal if she can land headshots with her secondary fire. Landing headshots will guarantee that the target becomes "lethally frozen".
Enemies at 40% hp or below become lethally frozen.
Lethally frozen enemies are frozen for 6 seconds and are unkillable unless meleed. If hit by melee they will shatter and explode, dealing aoe damage and knock enemy players back. Mei also heals slightly when shattering an enemy.
Grows on Cryo-Freeze usage (3% per second). Cryo-Freeze is on a long cooldown but is shortened by dealing damage with the endothermic blaster against non lethally frozen targets.
Primary fire heals Mei slightly (2hp, 7hp at max size), at most 20 times per second (100% accuracy).
Secondary fire freeze (regular freeze) the enemy for 0.4 seconds.
Has an aura that deals damage (1.6% of max hp) per second, and slows movement (20-40%).
Dealing damage with the endothermic blaster also grants "frost power" stacks (max 100).
Frost power increases the effectiveness of the aura (40% movement speed reduction at max stacks).
While at 100 frost power primary fire will deal increased damage and double the healing.
While at 100 frost power secondary fire hits will consume all frost power stacks to lethally freeze the target.
Mei deals increased melee damage as she grows.
Mei moves faster and jumps higher as she grows.

Most G.E.N.T.S. have had their damage reduced, but their clip size or other aspects of their kit buffed. If a particular ability has been removed (such as Zenyatta discord orb) the hero’s effectiveness has been increased in other ways to compensate.

Roadhogs hook can be used as an interrupt but will not be able to move the target towards the player.

Reinhardt's shield has been greatly nerfed (as barriers are very effective against some ladies), and his ultimate has been disabled. Charging a lady will knock Reinhardt to the ground but deal damage. To compensate, firestrike cooldown has been reduced.

Design goals

The ladies should feel powerful both to play and to play against, but not so overwhelming that there’s no chance of winning for the G.E.N.T.S. Most of my development focus has been fleshing out abilities and mechanics for the Ladies, but as most people will be on the team of G.E.N.T.S. it is important that they also have a good time playing. I’m all for reworking heroes that aren't fun to play in this game mode and is open to your generous feedback!

Tweaking team size, damage numbers, health, cooldowns can be easily done, but most importantly I need to know if the concept itself is fun, and if not, what can be done to address that.

If either team is easily beaten all the time by just using some cheesy tactic or otherwise unengaging gameplay that also needs to be addressed.

Why Ilios stage 3?
Basically this is because it seemed to be an arena where the Ladies had at least some room to grow without being hindered by the terrain (too much).

Please provide feedback by commenting or sending me a DM, Sakana#2609.
Thank you for your time.


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Buff D.Va or i will embarrass you in overwatch

Sakana creator

Is there a particular aspect that you find weak with D.Va? I find her practically unkillable while leech buff is on, and does tons of damage with split shot buff active. But I haven't played any live games with any characters so perhaps there are ways that you can easily outplay those mechanics with a competent team of G.E.N.T.S.


Also buff Mercy or nerf Sombra

Sakana creator

Sombra is indeed quite strong. The hack range becomes quite absurd as she grows, is that the main problem or does she simply do too much damage with her gun in your opinion? Perhaps there should be a longer cooldown on her hack?

I find that from my testing that what makes Mercy strong is at which rate she grows, and once at max range the "impact" buff to her melee, and the trample mechanics makes her a powerhouse. I've tuned her down quite a bit from my original idea. What do you think could be a suitable buff for mercy? Is it just raw damage output or survivability that she needs?

Update Log (9)

Removed melee stun while jumping.
Added the possibility to shoot sticky bombs while jumping.

D.va now starts with 450 health, 150 armor and 400 non replenishable health.
Added a 20% chance for D.va to leech.
Added a cap of how much extra health could be leeched (maximum 400 for a total of 1000 health).
Now only leech non replenishable health if at maximum replenishable health.
While leeching bodyshots now heals for 15hp while headshot heals for 40hp.
Melee now deals extra damage and stuns while jumping.

Optimized some rules that triggered unnecessarily.

Added new hero!
Mei - Lich Queen

Added a dodge mechanic while gliding (press secondary fire to propel yourself in the direction of your movement).

Renamed hero: Femme Fatale
Added outlines to marked targets, visible through walls.

Enemies will now explode if killed after being recently meleed (within 0.5 seconds) instead of when being killed by melee. This is to ensure that an explosion occurs even though the enemy dies of the burning dot shortly after being hit by melee.

Will be knocked down on successful charge pin, but will deal 200 damage.

Reworked explosions to have better knock back mechanics.

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