WildByte's Simple Radar


I've got you in my sights...

  • Just a simple radar demo with some workshop settings to change stuff such as:

Radar Settings

Option Description Default
Radar Display Radius The relative size of the radar (does not scale blips) 0.2
X Position (On Screen) Offset that can be used to change the x position of the radar 0
Y Position (On Screen) Offset that can be used to change the y position of the radar -0.8
Radar Range Range at which marked targets will begin to appear on radar 30

How to use

  • For this demo, simply damage a target to add them to your radarTargets array
  • Change the X and Y position sliders in Workshop Settings to change the on-screen radar position

Built upon this wiki tutorial

Video shows the radar being jittery, but as of 11/19/2020, the radar is smooth now that we have Update Every Frame on Live

Code Snippet

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Update Log (2)

The Update Every Frame Update

  • Fixed a few errors that arised during the most recent path update
  • Added Update Every Frame to radar blips and player indicator
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