Golf (help requested)

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Hello! Today, we are going golfing! Not this today, June 1st today! Yeah, you heard me right. June 1st! Full version release on June 1st EST. This code is a starter project for you guys to help me out. Wait, whaaat? Yeah, Overception here. I give you the tools to help me, then I help you get your free shoutout. Everything is basically explained in-game. Ok have fun scripting, I guess.

Place your submissions in the comments section. I will play them. On June 1st, late submissions are allowed, but not featured. You get a clock badge 🕰️ next to your name (because i'll still feature the names of late submissions, just not the codes.)

You have from June 1st to June 10th EST to get a late submission.
Not that you should try for it, though.

want a badge to flex off? Heres a legend of all the badges (and how they will be listed in order on June 1st):
🥇 - 1st Place/Best Code
🥈 - 2nd Place
🥉 - 3rd Place
🗳️ - Early Submission
💎 - Familiar Face
🛠️ - Level Editor
🧩 - Story/Adventure
⚔️ - PvE or shooting
- no badge
🕰️ - late submission

Still thirsty? Ok then, heres a few more!
📣 - If my name (ThatOneMeme) is in there somewhere.
🪛 - ThIs one is only given to Mitisee if they participate.
🎯 - Exactly how I imagined the original project if I didnt decide to start WorkJam 2023.
⛔ - you didnt follow the rules in the editor.
👍 - If its good, but didnt get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

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Categories: Solo
Heroes: Lúcio
Maps: Esperança
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Current version: StarterKit

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