Partner Puzzles (Numbani)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.


Welcome to the seventh and final edition of Partner Puzzles for Overwatch 1! The goal of this gamemode is for you and a friend to reach the exit (green vortex effect), sounds simple enough. Each challenge is intentionally vague with the solution likely requiring you to use the limited resources given. This gamemode is made specifically for 2 players, no more and no less.



Earn score by finding secrets or completing challenges! The better you do at solving things, the more you earn. At the end of your playthrough, you will receive a rank based on your overall score!


The gamemode tracks your overall time and time spent per challenge. The global time is shown via the Match Time and tracks hours!

Message Log

Missed a message? Just look at the top right! You can also edit the amount of messages stored (5-25).


Stuck? Just ask for help (quite literally) to display a hint message. Also works with healing requests!


You can edit certain aspects of the gamemode & recover lost progress by editing these values in the Workshop Settings tab.


Enter the configuration then navigate to Cheats to add yourself the necessary data and skip to whatever challenge you want to. Note that you cannot recover gameplay statistics like Time Spent or Hint Count.


You can modify the button inputs for certain heroes/aspects of the gamemode. These bindings are denoted by the Workshop button inputs. The bindings on this page are the defaults.

Other Settings

  • Skip Introduction skips the introduction sequence (only meaningful when starting from challenge 1)
  • Orb Hunt Mode prevents progression until a challenge's mystery orb is collected. Also adjusts the hints to be specific to finding the orb
  • Allow Hints whether to enable hints from the hint prompt binding
  • Message Log Size as mentioned before, adjusts the amount of messages stored

Known Issues

  • Sometimes when switching heroes, the player's facing direction is not restored
  • Torbjorn can easily cause softlocks by placing switches on roofs at specific points
  • In very rare occassions, a switch placed by Torbjorn can clip through the ground and becoming inaccessible
  • Sometimes when a player on Echo attempts to create a clone while a clone already exists, the message indicating that only one clone can exist does not appear
  • With Orb Hunt mode on, it is possible to become softlocked on Challenge 13 as the method to obtain the Mystery Orb disappears after certain conditions are met
  • Sometimes the camera event that plays when Teleporting may not play correctly
  • If a player is unable to switch due to a hero's ability effect, there is no message to indicate why hero switching was disabled
Players | 2 - 2
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Sigma, Zarya, Ashe, Bastion, and 9 more...
Maps: Numbani
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0


Change Heroes
First Custom Hero Ability
Secondary Fire
Second Custom Hero Ability
Primary Fire
Use Teleporter
Change Heroes
First Custom Hero Ability
Second Custom Hero Ability
Use Teleporter
Change Heroes
First Custom Hero Ability
Second Custom Hero Ability
Use Teleporter
Change Heroes
First Custom Hero Ability
Second Custom Hero Ability
Use Teleporter
Change Heroes
First Custom Hero Ability
Second Custom Hero Ability
Use Teleporter



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