The Rayman Project (broken till updated)

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The Rayman project.
A Single player action platformer game based on Rayman 1-3.
Average playtime of 1-2 hours.
Made with overpy.

main features

  • main and a side quest
  • optional hard parkour zones quest with timer and are restartable
  • mobs and bosses
  • lots of cutscenes and dialogue
  • optional lum find parkour challanges
  • rayman skills:
    • helicopter hair
    • shooting fist
    • those rings you swing on
    • climbing vines

I will post a (text) guide for bosses and comon questions here soon.
If someone wants to make a videoguide for something, let me know so i can link it here.

Q: how long did it take to make?
A: months.

Q: A mob is bugged, what do i do?
A: hold Reload to reload the zone and the mobs in it.

Q: is there gonna be a sequel?
A: no sequel has been planned. this is a lot of work and ow2 will probly brick this mode and any potentional followup.

Q: The parkourzones/lums are immposible!?!
A: I tested them personally before release, they are just hard.

Q: multiplayer when?
A: not.

Parkour tips
- Holding helicopter to early will cancel your upwards momentum, naking you lose jump/ring height.
- Purple rings/orbs are explained by tracer in point B
- Being to close to purple rings can make it hard to use them.
- white beams allow you to fly upwards
- you have a tiny airgap (time u can still jump) after you leave the ground.

Click here for the boss guide (spoilers) Raid boss brig
She is only vulnerable from behind, as is indicated by the glowing orb and by the cutscene. The best way to get behind her is to kite untill holy charge or shielding.

x) Boop combo: close range hit + boop combo, telegraphed by a red ring around her body. Only triggers if you are close to her. You can step away from her to cancel her attack.
x) Spin shoot: 360's then shoot a circle. Standing in the cirkle damages you.
x) Holy charge: She yells holycharge and charges up for a few seconds. Punch her from behind to avoid taking dmg.
x) Shielding: She yells that you won't get behind her. Walk past her and punch her from behind.

Widow fight (not chase scene)
It's not possible to attack her directly or leave the area. Kite her attacks and punch the ball when she sends it. Her attacks are always in order so you can keep track of it.

1) Single shot: she lines up a shot, hide behind cover on the side of the bridge.
2) Nade bombs: Nades will fall into random paterns around the bridge. The cover spots are always hit in the first strike.
3) Ball gift: She launches a wrecking ball in your direction. Punch the ball to send it back and hurt her.
x) There is an invisible bubble around the bridge that prevents you from leaving. Orisa will halt you back.

He is only vulnerable during shatter and pin. Kite during all other attacks. All his attacks are in set order.

1) Cyclone: He spins in cirkles towards you. Just run away from him.
2) Lava fountain: He leaves a firestrike in place. Don't run into them because they insta kill you.
3) The next attack is a 50/50 for pin or shatter
a) Pin: If he says sorry he will go for a pin. Avoid and hit after wards, or hit him during the pin, both work.
b) shatter: He says goobye, get an icon and the game goes slow-motion. Punch him during shatter to cancel it.
4) Ring jumps: He will starts spinning in place and creating red expanding rings. Don't touch them. Ring frequency is rng (but affected by difficulty).

Massive Mosquito
Kill torb and ignore moira. You can fly during this fight by using helicopter. Punching him into a wall or tower for extra damage makes the fight very short.

x) Mosquito: He hammers if you are close to him.
x) Moira: Her ult beam slowly tracks you down, you can punch her to temporary disable it.

Final Phase 1
He transforms into random other heroes. He is vulnerable during most of them.

x) Rein: He says goodbye then he shatters. Cancel it with punch.
x) Brig: Cyclone spin attack again, just don't get near her.
x) Winston: He will try push you into lava and beams. Punch him to keep him at a distance.
x) Orisa: she becomes invulnerable and creates a red light shaft. The shaft shrinks around her and deals dmg if you stand outside of it. Hug orisa for the duration of this attack.
x) Genji: Genji casts deflects, he takes no damage and if you punch him he will dash trough you. So don't punch him.

Final Phase 2
The 3 floating heroes each do their own attack. Kite the attacks and kill all 3 of them. The killing order doesn't matter.

hellmode: Chase moira and rush her down, then focus on torb from middle to avoid his hammer attack.

x) Moira(Andre): Ultimate beam chases you from the sky and deals damage if you stand in it.
x) Rein(Reflux): Spins in cirkles and deals damage if you come near him.
x) Torb(Razorbeard): Shoot up to 5 lava's and replaces the oldest lava. Also hammers you if you get close during his attack.

Final Phase 3
Punch him to out of his ult to start the fight. You can punch before he casts. Kite the rings, push back winston if nessesary. Hit him when he comes down to ult every few attacks.

1) Bombs patern: He trows bombs in specific paterns. don't stand in the circles.
1.5) Winstons: After each bomb patern he will spawn a tiny winston that attakcs you.
2) Ult: after each few attacks, he comes down to ult. this is when you should punch him.

Moira (side quest)
There is a lot going on in this room. Best to focus on dpsing her down fast.

x) Room laser: There's a laser beam in the room, don't touch it.
x) Chase beam: She ultsand makes a beam from the sky chase to your position.
x) Soldier call: She calls for the solider to change position by yelling "Get off the stage".
x) Bomb: summons a homming ball bomb that flys towards you. It stops moving if you touch it. It explodes after it times expires wenether you touch it or not. You should touch and run after if you are close.
x) Skill orb: Throws a moira purple orb, rare attack but deadly when it hits you.
Players | 1 - 1
Categories: PvE
Heroes: Doomfist, Zenyatta
Maps: Eichenwalde
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1


Secondary Fire
Jump + Jump
Helicopter hair
stat menu
Helicopter hair
stat menu
Helicopter hair
stat menu
Helicopter hair
stat menu
Helicopter hair
stat menu



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