Lucioball Blast (more abilities)

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A remix of Lucioball since we don't have a new one for 2021.

This mode adds loads of new movement options and generally gives the player a lot more control.
Lucio has a full range of new and reworked abilities, each with unique upsides and downsides and various different uses in order to make the game far more interesting.
With skill players can stay in the air infinitely, reposition themselves to hit aerial shots, and rocket themselves across the map in ways much more fitting to the flat, open arena than the traditional kit.

If Classic Lucioball is too slow or repetitive or simple for you, try this mode.

Changes From Classic


  • Deals knockback to the user
  • Cooldown increased to 3 seconds
  • Knockback power altered by holding forward/backwards when firing

Double Jump

  • Players can double jump once after leaving the ground
  • Players regain the double jump after wallriding
  • Double Jump can be angled by holding a direction while jumping

These changes give Lucio more aerial control and strong repositioning tools.
Both these abilities are affected by throttle and as such have a lot of sub-control.

Slide Kick

  • Ability 1 (can be turned off in Workshop Settings)
  • Launches the player forward at high speed with a short hop (cancels momentum)
  • Player is Knocked Down for at least 1.5 seconds (max 4s) on use
  • Holding Ability 1 allows the user to slide for longer

This is a new all-or-nothing ability which gives Lucio a larger effective range at a high cost.

Ultimate - Breakbeat

  • 200% speed, 150% gravity
  • Soundwave Cooldown halved
  • Slows the game-speed to and non-ulting player's aim-speed to 80%
  • Amp It Up cooldown reduced to 0s for all teammates for the duration

This makes Lucio's ult both more impactful and easier to control.

Jump Pads

  • Jump pads now only activate if the user crouch-jumps
  • Crouch lingers for 0.5s on release (for accessiblity)
  • This can be turned off and tuned in workshop settings

This change makes movement more predictable, as you will never use a jump pad by accident.
While active, basic jumps are more powerful and can be angled in the same way as double jumps.

Tips and Tricks

The mode is still new and if there is a meta to it it has yet to be found, but these are some tips from the creator:

Firing Soundwave straight down launches you as high as a jump pad if you need height in a pinch.
You can also fire Soundwave behind you to travel across the map quickly; hold Backwards while doing so and you can cover half the map in an instant.
Remember that Soundwave sends you and the ball in opposite directions; if you're not sure you're close enough to the ball or want to keep pace with it use melee instead.

Jumping and Double-Jumping without inputting a direction gives you much more height.
Double Jump can quickly reposition you in the air, but it can also be used to preserve momentum.
Double Jump also resets after wall-riding; you can stay airborne infinitely if you time your abilities right.

Slide Kick is powerful but is less reliable than Soundwave and will take your out of the game for a long time - it's best used as a last resort, or to confirm or deny goals that you have no other way of reaching.
Slide Kick may seem like a good movement tool, but the distance you cover is offset by the time you are kocked down; it's often better to backwards-wavejump, amp it up, or wallride your way around the map.

Lucio's Ultimate slows time for all players, making it easier for everyone to track the ball; this means it's often best used defensively, giving your own team time to react and turn the tables, rather than using it on a push.
The Ult also removes the cooldown of the Amp It Up ability for your teammates, which can help suppress an enemy ult to some extent.

The mode comes with 5 slots per team, but for a more serious game turn this down to 4 or 3 a side.

Uneven teams get balanced after each goal, so long as the workshop setting is left on, so if you are down two or three players try to stick it out to the next round.


Many of these abilities have paralels to existing overwatch abilities.
These are the most obvious comparisons.

Jump Pads: Baptiste Crouch Jump (instant charge, limited to green locations)
Double Jump: Combination of Genji and Hanzo (increased vertical height if no direction held)
Slide Kick: Winston leap (with lingering self knock-down and reduced ground friction)
° Possibly also Sojourn's Ability 1
Soundwave: Mixed with Ashe's coach gun
Ultimate: Similar to a scrapped ult Lucio had in development.

Players | 2 - 10
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Lúcio
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Last updated:
Current version: 3



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