Partner Puzzles (Ilios)

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The next edition of Partner Puzzles is finally here! Play with a friend and find your way to the exit (green vortex effect). Challenges are intentionally unclear on their objective but the tools to solve them are there, you just have to figure out what they do and how they assist you. Teamwork is key in this, failing to work together is just going to end you both getting stuck. Will you be able to get through all 13 challenges or will you be able to uncover the secrets hidden within the entire mode?



Earn score as you find secrets and complete challenges. The faster you are at completing them, the more score you get. Your final score is assessed to give you a ranking. Can you get an S-rank?


The mode tracks your time, shown by the ingame match timer. Not shown is how many hours spent, which is shown at the very end. While under testing, blind runthroughs averaged 1 hour and 10 minutes of gametime.


These are hidden within the mode, inside and outside of specific challenges and can unlock additional content! (Or you could just cheat, but that's kinda boring)



In the event of interrupted play, such as requiring to leave or having the gamemode spontaneously die on you, you can recover your lost progress under the Workshop Settings tab. This includes recovering the amount of mystery orbs found (if you have no idea what those are, leave it at 0)

Other Settings

  • Skip Introduction (self explanatory)
  • Display Score Breakdown (decides whether to show the different categories score was accumulated from)
  • Loading Throttle Percentage (decides the amount of slow down the server undergoes while loading a challenge. The higher this value the faster the loading times get at the cost of server stability, potentially risking a crash)
  • Orb Hunt Mode (disables the exit until the respective challenge's mystery orb is obtained. Additionally, hints are modified to assist in finding them)
  • Challenge Creation Mode (if this is on, disable it as it prevents the mode from starting)


  • If the text at the top reads "challenge creation mode on: disable in settings" go to the workshop settings tab and set "challenge creation mode" to OFF, then restart. This will allow the mode to start up normally.
  • Got feedback? Found a bug? Stuck? Want to see how the next one is going? Join Teh Footian Network!
  • View the KNOWN ISSUES list in the discord link provided.
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Winston, Bastion, Doomfist, and 7 more...
Maps: Ilios
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.4

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