Band of Brawlers

Enter the ultimate brawl where you fight everything from cute little animals to the brutal forces of nature!


All heroes has two new abilities and one new ultimate each

Heroes are given their ultimates randomly and must then use it within 8 seconds or it will be lost

Since ultimates are handed out randomly ( but equally distributed between both teams ) heroes do not gain ultimate charge

Instructions on how to play are given at the start of the game


All these rules are crucial for the game to work and should not be fiddled with!

The game must be started and is not optimal for skirmish

Players can only switch heroes upon death

There can only be one of each hero in the game at once

Only one player will have the opportunity to use their ultimate at a time

Victory conditions are identical to Overwatch competitive

All 32 heroes are available

If a hero is currently unavailable it means it is undergoing some bug fixing

Examples of heroes:


Daughter of Thor - Summons a thunderstorm around Brigitte
Laser Eyes - Fires a deadly laser through your eyes that damages through barriers
Shock Smash - Absorbs lightning and then unleashes it


Ice Car - Transforms into a pickup that can run into enemies
Glacial Slide - Your Cryo-Freeze moves forward
Polymorph - Transforms an enemy into a sheep


Tornado - Summons a tornado that drags enemies into it
Arctic Inferno - Creates an icy spout that slows and damage enemies
Fiery Storm - Sorrounds you in a ring of fire that damage enemies close to the flames

Wrecking Ball

Monoplane - Transforms into an airplane
Fastball - Unlimited grappling claws while adaptive shield is active
Steel Wires - Secure yourself while in the air

If you find any bugs or other issues in the game please report them to my battletag: Mandriel#2359

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Players | 1 - 12
Categories: New Heroes
Heroes: All
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Version: 1.11

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