Big Bad Boss Series: Brotherhood Full PvE Boss Fight!


Big Bad Boss Series: Brotherhood

Twin Bosses: Genji and Hanzo
Adds: Bastion, Mercy, Hammond
Phase 1: Polarity Switch (technical dps phase)
Phase 2: Role Specific Task
Switching between the 2 phases constantly. You can reduce time of Phase 2 by finishing tasks earlier.
This fight is made for 6 players! Gather up and have fun!
Normal: WWW3Y
Heroic: no codes yet
Mythic: no codes yet

Note: Hi guys! I tried to make this boss fight challenging. Normal mode is just to get people used to the mechanics. If you want real challenge go for Heroic or even the Mythic difficulty!!

I ask everyone, who can play with friends in group of 6, and likes the good ol' dungeon feeling of MMORPGS, please enjoy! If you make a video of it for youtube or streaming it, please write to me at [email protected] and I will check it out. Thank you. LazaC

Genji Health: 20.000
Hanzo Health: 20.000
The Health of the Bosses are linked. It will reach 0 at the same time.
Genji Ultimate Charging: 80%
Hanzo Ultimate Charging: 70%
Boss damage received: 100%
Boss damage done: 100%
Boss CD: 0% (but they won't spam it)
Player damage done: 20%
Player healing dealt: 150%
Player health: 500% (tanks: 400%)
Player Hero modifications, check them out!

PHASE 1 - Polarity Switch
-This phase is always 45 seconds long.
-Each player will have a polarity assigned to them, yellow or purple.
-You can see your polarity in the top-left corner of your screen.
-Polarity CAN change in every 12 seconds, sometimes you get the same, pay attention! You get a warning 3 seconds before switching or you can see the timer on the wall between the Yellow and Purple sides.
--Yellow polarity players take 30 damage each 0.8 second if they are outside of the Yellow side's Orb. (This damage gives ultimate charge to the Yellow Boss)
--Yellow polarity players can damage only the Yellow Boss (Hanzo)! Damaging the Purple Boss (Genji) will heal him 3 times the damage you do.
--Purple polarity players take 30 damage each 0.8 second if they are outside of the Purple side's Orb. (This damage gives ultimate charge to the Purple Boss)
--Purple polarity players can damage only the Purple Boss (Genji)! Damaging the Yellow Boss (Hanzo) will heal him 3 times the damage you do.

Boss base abilities
-Auto attack
Storm Arrow with 8 arrows and then a slowly charged aimed shot.
-Leap of Faith
The Boss teleports up in the air every 10 seconds, making hitting him a little bit harder.
-Unleash the Dragons
Upon reaching ultimate Hanzo will immediately ult.
-Auto Attack
Primary Fire x2 and Secondary Fire x4 in a cycle.
-Deflect Their Anger
Use deflect. Deflect cooldown: 300%
-Swift Dragon
Upon reaching ultimate Genji will immediately ult. Teleporting behind a random player and slicing them from behind. Ultimate Duration is 50%, which usually means 3 slices.

PHASE 2 - Roles Rule
-After 45 seconds, both of Bosses become invulnerable to damage and frozen for 30 seconds. While they are in this state, players have to complete role specific tasks.
This phase is maximum 30 seconds long, but can be cut shorter when all roles finished their tasks.
-Each player has to teleport out to one of the outside bubbles labeled: TANK / SUPPORT / DPS. Any player outside of these bubbles will take 50 damage / second.
Tanks have the task to face a Bastion. They have to protect their team, as the Bastion selects targets randomly. Shielding, body blocking or crowd controlling the Bastion. They also have to damage it as much as they can. The Bastion MUST die before the 30 second mark for this phase, or else ALL TANK players will die.
Supports have the task to heal out the Wrecking ball that appears in their bubble. After that support players can help with the other roles' tasks. The Hammond MUST have to be healed to 100% Health before the 30 second mark for this phase, or else ALL SUPPORT players will die.
Damage characters have the task to kill 2 Mercys who are healing each other. Killing these winged beasts require focused targeting or some trickery with CDs and cc. Damage characters should also help killing the Bastion on the tank side after finishing killing both of the Mercys. The 2 Mercy MUST die before the 30 second mark for this phase, or else ALL DAMAGE characters will die.
If you finish all 3 tasks or the Phase time (30 second) is over, Phase 1 will begin by unfreezing the bosses and giving out a polarity.

Heroic and Mythic info will come at a later date.

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Update Log (6)

New Workshop Setting option
You can turn OFF the timer, so you can practice with ease. If the timer is OFF, you have unlimited time and the Time Remaining counter stays hidden.

--Boss is now immovable thanks to the new command. That's why all knockback restrictions are removed from heroes.
--Quick Melee Added back for all heroes
--Sigma is now playable!! The knockback command works for Sigma's primary fire as well, so now he can be used too.
--Ana's Biotic Nade is disabled
--Ana's Sleep CD is now 300% (down from 500%)
--Ana's healing is now at 200%
Dev.Note: There are some issues with the Nade ability which messes with the mechanics of this Boss fight, so we are taking away this ability and giving compensations for the loss. Sorry Ana players <3
--Reinhardt's Barrier CD is now 200% (down from 500%)
--Sombra's Hack is disabled
--Symmetra now can use her Sentry Turrets and their CD is reduced to 0%
--Symmetra Ultimate Charging is at 50%
Dev.Note: Symmetra's signature are her turrets, so it was really a bad feeling that she cannot had them. Initially we took them away as they are not really optimal for this fight, because they could damage the wrong target when your polarity changes. We feel like we can give this decision back to the players, and putting the cooldown on 0% helps with repositioning the little bastards.

--Both Bosses now have a progress bar as health, showing the progress of the health of the them at all times.
--Bosses are now immovable, the knockback they receives is 0%
--Polarity HUDs are now visible in the top-middle of the screen, right above the Time Remaining Counter. This is to make the visibility and role cleaner.
--PURPLE SIDE and YELLOW SIDE in game titles have been lowered in height and the purple and yellow orbs now have colored cloud effects in them as well.
Dev.Note: We wanted to clarify which side is which. These things are not that disturbing for the eye, but can help players to locater themselves. Also these changes are not visible in Spectator modes.
--Genji Auto Attack has been changed to make healers lives easier
Now it is 2 Primary Fire on Tanks if possible, 2 Secondary Fire on Tanks if possible, then 2 Secondary Fire on random players.
--Hanzo Auto Attack has been changed to make healers live easier as well
Half of the shots are seeking Tank players first, before anyone else
--Roles Rule: DPS - Mercy adds healing is now at 80% (down from 130%)
--Roles Rule: Support - Hammond now gets damaged by 2500 at the start of the cycle (down from 3000)
--Roles Rule: Tank - Bastion cannot be slept or knocked down for more than a second.

--Added an Extra HUD text so players can see that they HAVE TO JUMP INTO the teleport orbs to get teleported.
--All bubble visuals are now visible in Spectator and Replay modes.
--Encounter Time reaching 0 will now properly kill all players.

--Modified all Heroes according to Big Bad Boss Basic Hero Changes. This will result in better rotations and feels for each hero, balanced interactions and also builds familiarity with each hero since every Big Bad Boss encounter will have almost the same restrictions.
See: #hero-changes on my discord >>> https://discord.gg/tbURz9P

---Time Slider is added as a Workshop Setting option. You can modify the encounter time with this, if your team needs more time, to ease the challenge. The intended boss fight time is always written next to the slider.
---Disabled Game Mode HUD and Kill Feed, also workshop inspector recording

Hero Changes:
-Wrecking Ball is not playable again, due to an interference with a game mechanic.
-Genji deals Double damage while ulting
-Bastion deals normal (20%) damage as other characters

Boss Changes:
-Roles Rule for Support characters have changed:
A Wrecking Ball will appear inside the green support bubble and the supports have to heal it out by the time reaches 0. If they fails healing the Ball to 100% health, they will die miserably.
(Devnote: With the new workshop additions, I can place 7 people in one team, so this mechanic became doable. This was the original intention of my design, so I'm happy that I could do it now)
-Roles Rule damage over time has changed: If you don't stand specifically in your roles bubble, you will take 50 damage per second. This was the original intention of my design and I finally thought of a way I could do it.
-During Roles rule the spawning Mercy adds are now have healing dealt 130% (instead of 170%).

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed some issues with the Health of the Bosses.
-Fixed some cases where players died during Roles Rule when they successfully did their tasks.

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