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WARNING: This game mode is bad.

5 players per team (1-2-2) due to technical restrictions

Omnic & Talon heroes gain the benefits enemies get in Archives Challenges modes

  • Surgical Strike. These heroes only take damage from headshots.
  • Close Quarters. These heroes are immune to damage unless there is an enemy hero within 5 meters of them.
  • Sympathy Gains. Damaging these heroes heals their nearby allies by the same amount.
  • Storm Raging. These heroes have a 10% chance to spawn with Rage active. When they die, the Rage spreads to nearby Talon heroes.
  • Thunderstorm. Enemy heroes within 10 meters of one of these heroes take 20 damage per second. That's right, you get both Close Quarters and Thunderstorm at the same time.

  • Molten Cores. These heroes drop lava when killed.
  • Bulletproof Barriers. Orisa's Protective Barrier has 6000 hit points.
  • Glass Cannons. I skipped this one.
    What about Echo?

    Technically not an omnic.

    What about B.O.B.?

    Too hard to track. I would but that's a lot of effort for what's basically an elaborate shitpost.

  • Blood Moon Rising. Self-healing (if any) is reduced by 90%. Dealing damage heals self for 25% of damage done.
Players | 1 - 10
Tags: gimmick
Heroes: All
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.0.0

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