RPG with Classes but Even Better

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RPG with Classes but Even Better is a fork of RPG with Classes by ShadowDragon, alongside workshop setting changes by Rawrior

Choose a class, start a contract and become the highest level! RPG with Classes but Even Better is a PvP based RPG with over 10 different classes, 2 perk sets and even a boss fight. I reworked some things to try and make the game more playable, especially with Overwatch 2 breaking quite a few things. I plan to continue to work on this over time; put any suggestions and bugs in the comments, and I'll work on them as soon as I'm able to.

Classes with different perks;
Choose from classes such as Lightweight, Beserker or Helper depending on how you want to play!
Hit level 60 and reset to get dark points! Use these for new perks, better upgrades
Hit Level 5000, and get enough coins and level up points to ascend! This lets you pick 2 good perks and 1 bad perk
Use the mine to get gems, stat boosters or even coin doublers!
EXP Pump
Use the exp pump to level. Can be upgraded through the Mine Shop
Blood Crystal
Stand in the blood crystal to gain money for your HP! Gives 1-25x damage taken


  • Blood Crystal changes - Now gives 1-25 * damage taken.
  • Change Hero replaced with Random Hero, costing 500 coins.
  • Hero Changes:

    • Mercy 150% Projectile Speed 200% Blaster Ammo Staff disabled
    • Ashe Ultimate Duration lowered (40%)
    • Moira Orb Cooldown 200% (20 seconds) Biotic Energy Maximum - 300% Biotic Energy Recharge Rate (250%)
    • Sombra Ult Gain from damage 0% Passive Ult Gain 50% Ult Charge 300% (sorry but sombra ult is too OP, you have a gun for a reason)
  • Disabled Rift

  • Ascension changes
    Removed Effects
    Lowered time to ascend (5 seconds)

  • Class Changes

    • Helper Made coins and exp scale with damage properly. Now gives 1x-5x damage dealt
  • Buying Changes
    Holding crouch now buys 10 at once

  • Fixed regen

  • Fixed spelling errors

  • Cleaned up code

  • Raised heal over time in spawn

  • Time Delay removed from EXP Pump Upgrade

  • Now can level 1000 times per

Players | 1 - 9
Categories: Free for all
Tags: rpg
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Maps: Ilios
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.01

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