Overwatch but with (mostly) League Items! + 1 sources

Overwatch but with (mostly) League Items

This mode is playable on any gamemode that allows you to access a spawn room.

This gamemode allows you to purchase items in your spawn room that give effects to your character. You get 1 item token to spend at the start of the game, and then get more as the match progresses.

I had to take some creative liberties with the items due to how different the games are, and also just made ones i thought would be fun.

Press INTERACT while in spawn to open the menu. Items are color coded for the general role they are most useful in. Cyan is Tank, Red is DPS, and Green is Support. Hover over the item and press Primary Fire to buy one. If you swapped your controls, like Moira healing and damage, then it might be Secondary Fire for that character. Attempting to buy duplicate items will not do anything.

Unique Mechanics

Critical Hits: Buy items to gain more crit chance. Whenever you damage enemies with Primary or Secondary Fire, you roll a Critical Hit check. Passing the check makes that instance of damage do 75% more. Can only roll Crits 2 times per second.

Item List

Item Name Effect
Heartsteel Meleeing an enemy gives you Max HP based off your existing Max HP.
Thornmail When damaged by a Primary Fire, deal back damage based on your Max HP.
Runaan's Hurricane Dealing damage at mid to far range with Primary Fire does more damage and also damages targets near your victim.
The Collector Damaging enemies at low health executes them.
Echos of Helia Healing another teammate at low health bursts heals them for a small amount. (Short CD)
Redemption Emoting sends out AOE healing pulses.
Malignance Damaging enemies with your ultimate burns them over time for a % of the damage dealt
Experimental Hexplate Gain extra Ultimate charge over time.
Locket of the Iron Solari Pressing Interact grants you and nearby allies a temporary shield.
Blade of the Ruined King (BORK) Damaging an enemy deals current health damage and gives movement speed. (Short CD)
Jak'Sho Earning eliminations grants you permanent damage resistance, up to a cap.
Goredrinker Pressing Interact deals damage to nearby enemies. If an enemy got hit, heal a % of your missing health.
Phantom Dancer Gives Critical Hit Chance. Meleeing an enemy gives you a large boost of movement speed.
Sunfire Aegis Nearby enemies take damage over time based on your max HP.
Rod of Ages As time passes gain bonus health and damage, up to a cap.
Death's Dance When taking damage that you would survive, take a % of it as a burn. Earning eliminations cleanses burns.
Mudrunner Boots Using your ultimate heals you and grants movement speed for the duration.
Bloodthirster Ability 1 and 2 have a % lifesteal.
Atma's Reckoning Gain Critical Hit Chance. Crits heal you for 25% of the damage dealt.
Statikk Shiv Gain Critical Hit Chance. Crits do a small amount of Max Health damage.
Rite of Ruin Gain Critical Hit Chance. Your abilities and ultimate can crit.
Spirit Visage Gain more Healing Received. When below a certain health percentage, you heal over time based on your Max HP.

Big thanks to Alomare for making such a cool and useful tool, which made this even possible to make for me.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

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